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Health Alert: Moths Found in Das Khaman’s Chutney in Ahmedabad

Several incidents of live insects, including mosquitoes, being found in food items served at various hotels, restaurants, and food courts in the city have come to light over the past two days. In a notable incident in Maninagar area of the city, a mosquito was found in the chutney served at a popular shop known for its famous Dhokla. Upon discovering the insect in the chutney, the customer contacted the shop owner to address the issue. The customer has filed a complaint with the Municipal Corporation department regarding this matter.

The person named Alkesh, residing in the Amaraiwadi area of the city, visited a shop named Das Khaman in the Maninagar area this Sunday morning to buy items, including Khaman and chutney. Along with the Khaman, chutney was also provided from the shop. Upon consuming the Khaman and chutney at home, his wife and children experienced vomiting. Upon inspection, they found live insects resembling mosquitoes in the chutney. Therefore, they immediately went to the shop and informed the present staff about the live insects found in the chutney.

Action will be taken against Das Khaman regarding the incident where live insects were found in the chutney they provided. The shop was informed by the present individual to replace the chutney. This matter was immediately reported to the Food Department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation through online and complaint numbers. Das Khaman has been involved in similar incidents in the past as well. The Food Department of the municipal corporation will seal the shop. Now, why will action be taken against Das Khaman?

There is no clarity from the corporation regarding the matter. A complaint was lodged with the municipal corporation’s department about live insects found in the Kathiyawadi Masala Chaas served by Raja Dairy located on Relief Road in the city. A young man had purchased the Kathiyawadi Masala Chaas, and upon opening it, live insects were found inside. He immediately filed an online complaint with the Food Department of the municipal corporation. The corporation was also informed about the incident. However, there has been no clarity from the corporation regarding whether action will be taken in this matter.

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