AMC Estate Inspector Suicide: Body Found in Sabarmati River, Woking In Bodakdev Ward

In the estate department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Sabarmati River witnessed a tragic incident as the duty-bound inspector Jaydip Patel jumped into it. Information was received on Tuesday night near Paladi that a person’s body was found in the Sabarmati River. Consequently, the fire brigade team immediately reached the scene and retrieved the body. Upon inquiry, the Sabarmati Riverfront West Police were informed, and they also arrived at the scene. The police have initiated an investigation into why the estate department’s inspector committed suicide.

Body Found After Hours of Search

After hours of search operations, the body was found. According to the information received, the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade received a message around midnight on Tuesday that someone had drowned in the Sabarmati River near Paladi. Consequently, the Fire Brigade team immediately reached the spot. After hours of search operations, the Fire Brigade team found the body.

Residence in Paladi Apartments

The team of the Fire Brigade also informed the Sabarmati Riverfront West Police about the incident. The investigation into the deceased identified as Jaydip Chandubhai Patel (age 29, residing in Navjeevan Apartments, Paladi, Ahmedabad, originally from Navsari) was conducted. The deceased Jaydip Patel served as a sub-inspector in the estate department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Bodakdev Ward.

Accident Investigation Behind Disappearance

Information about the disappearance of Jaydip Patel had been circulating since Tuesday. This information was also shared on social media and reported to the police. Jaydip’s bike was found near the Sabarmati Riverfront Sports Complex. This raised suspicions about his accidental fall into the Sabarmati River. The reason behind Jaydip Patel’s accident will now be investigated by the police.

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