SMC Dumper Hit Woman in Surat, Woman Died, Driver Attacked by Mob

In the Katargam area of Surat, a tragic incident unfolded as a municipal garbage truck driver accidentally ran over a woman riding a scooter on her way to work. The collision resulted in her immediate demise. A crowd quickly gathered at the scene, and the driver of the truck was apprehended swiftly. Concerns have also been raised about the driver being under the influence of alcohol. The commotion attracted attention from passersby, and there were altercations between them and the driver. The driver was accused of reckless driving under the influence of alcohol, leading to a visit to the hospital for a medical check-up.

Orphaned Daughter

Living with her family in the Shakti Diamond Apartment complex in Katargam Extension, 45-year-old Manishaben Nikunjhbhai Barot used to work to support her family financially. The deceased woman, Manishaben Barot, was differently-abled. Her husband passed away ten years ago, leaving her to care for their 16-year-old daughter alone. The daughter, who has just completed her 10th-grade exams, helped run the household alongside her mother, who worked as a jewelry artisan. Now, with the loss of her father at a young age, she finds herself orphaned and without support.

Outrage Against Drunken Driver

This morning, as Manishaben was heading to work on her scooter, she was struck by a municipal garbage truck driver who was speeding through the Katargam Extension. The collision with the scooter led to Manishaben’s immediate death upon impact. A large crowd gathered at the scene, and the driver was apprehended and handed over to the police. Alongside, there were accusations from the crowd against the driver for being under the influence of alcohol.

Postmortem Ordered on the Deceased

Following the sudden accident, the police were alerted and rushed to the scene. The driver of the garbage truck was handed over to the police. However, the enraged crowd also surrounded the police van, demanding action. Currently, the police are attempting to inform the deceased woman’s family members. The body has been sent for a postmortem examination.

Demand for Swift Action

The bereaved family, through spokesperson Hardik Barot, has demanded swift and strict action against both the municipality and the garbage truck driver. Municipal authorities have yet to arrive at the scene, and efforts are underway to take the garbage truck driver to the Katargam police station. The family of Manishaben’s daughter, left without any support, is demanding justice.

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