Parmanand’s Beating Incident: Shirvani Alleges Electrothermal Owner’s Men Stripped Him, Dysp Sought 2 Crore FIR

Parmanand Shirwani, a resident of Gandhidham in Kutch, has finally received justice after the Supreme Court’s verdict. Eight years after the incident, Electrotherm company’s MD Shailesh Bhandari, two IPS officers, three DySPs, and one PI, along with 19 others, have been charged based on Shirwani’s complaint. Shirwani, who was involved in the shipping business, was abducted in 2015. 

He was held captive for five days and five nights in a bungalow in Ahmedabad, where he was subjected to brutal beatings. In an exclusive interview with Divya Bhaskar, Shirwani revealed shocking details of his ordeal. He stated that he had faced continuous threats from senior police officials for the past eight years. He alleged that associates of Electrotherm’s MD, Shailesh Bhandari, kidnapped him from Anjar and kept him captive in Ahmedabad, demanding an extortion amount of two crores, along with jewelry, flats, and land from his wife, Khushi. At one point, the accused even threatened to bury him alive.

Parmanand Shirwani’s Abduction and the Struggle for Justice

Parmanand Shirwani was employed at a steel and foundry factory named Electrotherm in Kutch. The owner of the company, Shailesh Bhandari, orchestrated his abduction and held him captive in a bungalow in Ahmedabad for five days and five nights. Despite escaping from the clutches of his kidnappers and reaching Kutch, Shirwani faced significant hurdles in seeking justice. When he attempted to file an FIR with the police authorities, senior officials discouraged him from doing so. 

On the other hand, another police officer demanded a bribe of two crores to register his complaint. Shirwani’s case highlights the challenges faced by individuals seeking justice in the face of corruption and bureaucratic hurdles within the system.

Uphill Battle for Justice: Parmanand Shirwani’s Legal Struggle

Parmanand Shirwani began his quest for justice by lodging a complaint at the Adipur Police Station. However, his efforts yielded no response. Disappointed, he approached the High Court three times, eventually obtaining an order for the registration of an FIR. Instead, the police filed closure reports seven times. Subsequently, when the Gujarat High Court directed to register a third case, Bhandari and other accused approached the Supreme Court. 

Despite my continual fight, the case was transferred to the Supreme Court, and in January, the process was completed. It was not until February 15, 2024, that the FIR was finally registered. However, no arrests have been made, and the investigation has not progressed. Nevertheless, I consider the FIR registration as a significant victory amidst the ongoing struggle for justice. The battle continues.

Gadhvi never spoke loudly, he would calmly explain to me that if I give two crores, an FIR will be filed - Parmanand Shirwani

Kutch Police Disregards High Court Order

It was revealed that when I went to the Adipur Police Station to file an FIR on March 24, 2017, SP Bhavna Patel instructed, “Handle it internally; there’s no need for an FIR.” Under coercion, both my wife and I were forced to sign by the police, and the report was closed. Subsequently, I revisited the High Court, and this time, it was explicitly stated that an FIR must be filed in this case. When I returned to the police station, DySP Gadvi told me, “Give two crores, and a positive report will be filed.” 

I explained that I didn’t have that much money to give. Gadvi insisted, saying everyone above us needs to be satisfied, including SP, DIG. Despite Patel’s threatening tone, Gadvi has never spoken to me in a loud voice. They calmly explained that if two crores were given, the FIR would proceed smoothly.

Police Corruption Unveiled

In a case that brought attention to the Adipur Police Station, SP Shirwani’s office, all levels resonated with corruption. While the case involves the breaking of laws by officers from the small village of Adipur Police Station to the level of SP Shirwani, negotiations and compromises seem to be the norm rather than adherence to justice. One officer threatened while another demanded money under the guise of negotiations. With the Supreme Court’s intervention, 19 individuals, including 6 police officials, now face charges. 

Among them are two IPS officers, Bhavna Patel and J.V. Barot, three Deputy SPs, D.S. Vaghela, Vijay Gadvi, and R.D. Desai, along with Police Inspector M.K. Chauhan. Notably, when we went to file a complaint before M.K. Chauhan, he casually threw the complaint away, asking, “Why do you keep coming back? I have nothing else to do.”

PSI Advises My Wife to Stay Away from the Police Station

Shirwani further reveals that DySP Gadvi, one of the accused in this case, visited our home one day, bringing papers with him. He explicitly stated, “If you pay two crores, I will file a positive report, and an FIR will be registered.” Interestingly, the current Adipur PSI, N.K. Chauhan, to whom my wife had initially gone to file an FIR when I went missing in early 2015, also advised her to stay away from the police station.

Shirvani was confined to a bungalow in Ahmedabad for five days and five nights (symbolic picture).

What Happened in Five Days and Five Nights in Ahmedabad?

Shirwani further explains that in 2011, when I joined the electrotherm company, I gradually became aware that they were planning to frame me for bogus loans. Bhandardi and his associates forcefully demanded my signature on loan papers totaling 400 crores. Although I offered to resign from the company, they refused to accept my resignation. One day, while driving on Adipur Road, I noticed an Innova car following me. It became apparent that the car belonged to the company.

Coercion and Threats: Shirwani’s Ordeal

Shirwani recounts a harrowing incident where he was coerced and threatened when his clothes were forcibly removed, and he faced severe intimidation. He narrates how he was abducted and taken to Ahmedabad against his will. In Ahmedabad, he was ensnared in a scheme named “Vraj Gopi Bungalows,” situated near Ring Road. 

He was pressured to sign documents against his consent, and when he refused, he faced violent repercussions, including threats to his life. Moreover, he was warned that if he did not comply, dire consequences awaited him, not limited to physical harm but also extended to his loved ones, as evidenced by the intimidating phone calls made to his wife from his mobile phone.

Coercive Tactics and Threats: Extortion in Sindhi

It was revealed that engaging in conversations with my wife in Sindhi led to the involvement of Sindhi individuals, who could coerce her using the same language. They threatened my wife, demanding money, or else they would harm her. Initially, they demanded 10 lakh rupees, then 12 lakh, followed by 45 lakh, another 10 lakh, and finally 20 lakh rupees, which they coerced my wife to transfer to their bank accounts. 

Moreover, under duress, they fraudulently acquired three dumpers, a forklift, and a three-BHK flat in Adipur under the name of my wife. This was an act of coercion perpetrated under the false identity of Anurag Mukesh Bhandari.

Threats and Dangerous Plans Unveiled

Shirwani reveals that when my wife fulfilled all their demands, I told them to let me go. They responded by insisting that I must guard the factory premises. Shockingly, five days later, the accused Baldev Raval summoned two security guards and instructed them to bury someone alive in the factory’s chimney located in our jurisdiction (Kutch Border). He also ordered them to place his phone in the chimney. Fortunately, I survived, as the security guards were not prepared to commit murder.

Parmanand Shirvani also forced to sign the house papers

Escaping Danger: A Night of Survival

Shirwani reveals that Baldev was frequently seen outside for a while. One security guard offered to help me. On the fifth night of the kidnapping, with the assistance of the security guard, I managed to jump over the wall and reached Shilaj Char Rasta early in the morning. There, I encountered Baldev Raval and others again, who attempted to attack me once more. At that moment, a policewoman named Parmar from a police van passing by intervened. I narrated the entire sequence of events to her from Ahmedabad. 

Instead of capturing Baldev Raval, I was taken to Civil Hospital in Solan. From there, I fled to Gandhi Dham. During those five days and nights, my wife had to respond to all the calls. She was forced to withdraw cash, gold, and silver and even had to forcibly sign the papers at home.

Courage and Resilience: Standing Firm Against Adversity

It is revealed that my wife, with patience and courage, diligently handled the situation. Until today, I am unaware of who Parmar is. However, since my escape from the bungalow in Ahmedabad, which was built in 2015, I have been fighting alongside the police. My wife, who is incredibly patient and mature, bravely managed the entire case. 

Whenever I was in Ahmedabad, she attended all the calls from those associated with the case. After the abduction, she dealt with all the demands made by the perpetrators, exhibiting remarkable strength. In our recent conversation, Raval insisted that she should sign the papers, indicating that they were going to abandon me if she did not comply.

Enforcing Coercive Measures on False Charges: Wife’s Interrogation

Shirwani elaborates that when my wife joyfully registered the flat under Bhandari’s name, Ravals received a call saying that no one was following them. Then, I was given orders to eliminate me. She meticulously recorded all these calls. Following this, she visited the Adipur Police Station for the first time, where many documents were consolidated, including call records, conversations, bank transfers, and flat documentation. 

An estimated transaction of around two million occurred within five days, a matter of significant concern. However, the police remained unwilling to acknowledge any conversation. On December 4, 2015, when she initially went to the Adipur Police Station, PSI N.K. Chauhan refused to take her complaint. Two days later, she was coerced into signing a false summary of events regarding the matter at home.

Shameful Role of Senior Police Officers

It has been disclosed that IPS Bhavna Patel, G.V. Barot, along with three Deputy Superintendents of Police (DySPs) and one Police Inspector (PI), continuously submitted closing reports. Since 2015, in all these comprehensive cases of abduction and molestation, no complaint was ever registered. 

Despite constant closing reports submitted by former SP of Kutch-Gandhidham, G.V. Barot, and IPS Bhavna R. Patel, along with three Deputy SPs D.S. Vaghela, Vijay Gadvi, and R.D. Desai, and Police Inspector M.K. Chauhan, nothing substantial has been achieved, merely leading to a ritual of paperwork.

Electrotherm’s MD Shailesh Bhandari’s Criminal History

In this case, the complaint was lodged against Bhandari and others within a fortnight. However, Electrotherm India Limited’s Managing Director, Shailesh Bhandari, and other members of his family, including Avinash Bhandari and Narendra Dalal, were also implicated. In 2022, the CBI registered a case of a ₹632 crore fraud with the Bank of India against Bhandari. Earlier, in 2021, Shailesh Bhandari was arrested by the Gandhinagar police based on a complaint filed by his brother Mukesh Bhandari, involving a fake loan of ₹200 crore. 

Prior to this, a ₹47 crore fraud case against Bhandari was registered by the State GST Department in Kalol taluka, Gandhinagar. Additionally, Shirvani was coerced into securing a ₹400 crore loan in Bhandari’s name but was kidnapped, and all her property was seized. Despite this, Shirvani remained silent about his actions.

Following the order of the High Court, a case had to be registered against the police officers

High Court’s Scrutiny of Police Officers’ Role in the Case

In this entire affair, the role of police officers is as significant as that of Shailesh Bhandari and his associates. Despite the investigation by CID Crime, there haven’t been any adverse effects under the pretext of lame excuses regarding their involvement. This case has been ongoing since 2015. Initially, the complainant took the matter from the police station to the SP office in Gandhidham, the DIG office in Gandhinagar, and even to the Gujarat High Court. However, the seriousness of the case wasn’t recognized by the police then. But now, when the High Court’s order has put the police officers under scrutiny, the Bhuj CID Crime department is witnessing the gravity of the situation.

SIT Investigation Reveals Police Guilt, Yet No Complaint Registered

Shirvani reveals that on July 19, 2018, he met the DG and initiated the formation of SIT. J.J. Desai, Vijay Gadvi, and K.V. Desai were conducting investigations within the SIT. During this time, there were transfers of SIT members, and DYSI K.J. Zala was brought in. K.D. Zala’s investigation report revealed that this was a case of blackmailing, and responsible police officers should face FIR. However, Kutch Police discussed protecting the jurisdiction and suggested not filing the case because it was originated in Ahmedabad, and SIT was demanding the case to be investigated in Kutch.

FIR Registration Order Deferred by High Court for 3 Days

On March 21, 2017, the then Gujarat High Court Justice J.B. Pardiwala had issued a verdict in our favor. Following this verdict, Vijay Gadvi demanded 2 crores from us to file an FIR. Since the complainant did not pay this amount, the police filled a closure report under the orders of the High Court. Subsequently, I approached the High Court again. 

Although the High Court ruled in my favor, it did not mandate the filing of an FIR. Then, on March 24, 2019, I filed another petition in the High Court. On April 2, 2019, the court ordered the registration of an FIR. At the time of issuing the order, the court instructed that the FIR should be filed within three weeks.

Order to File FIR Issued by 2 Senior Judges

On October 10, 2019, Justice Sonia Gokani, who later served as the Chief Justice until her retirement in 2023, echoed Justice J.B. Pardiwala’s 2017 order, highlighting police inaction in the case. The allegations are of a serious nature, and the court expects an impartial inquiry. The court instructed the police to complete the entire process within 3 weeks.

The court order revealed that the son of the investigating officer is employed at Bhandari’s company, the accused in the case, albeit as an intern. The defense presented evidence that he is not an employee but an intern receiving a stipend of only Rs. 11,500.

Timeline of the Case


From Adipur, Khushi Shirvani filed a complaint with the PSI in Ahmedabad, alleging that Anurag Mukesh Bhandari and his husband had forced her to register their office.


Parmanand Shirvani filed a special cabinet application in the High Court, claiming that the police did not listen to them. They had lodged a complaint with the Adipur PSI in writing since December 6, 2015.


Justice Pardivalla ordered under sections 473, 473, 403, 384, 323, 504, 506, 120 B. The Adipur police station’s police inspector was ordered to file an FIR. Justice Pardivalla also added that he expects attention from the DGP as they have submitted a legal notice through the application. The allegations are serious, and the court hopes for impartial inquiry.

Later in 2017, the complainants applied to the High Court through a special application, questioning how an investigation officer’s son working in an electrothermal company can conduct an impartial inquiry. The court was then notified to conduct a neutral inquiry and submit a report.

October 22, 2018

The court stated in its judgment that an SIT was formed, whose report found errors, but no FIR was registered. Jurisdictional issues arose since the complaint was filed in Adipur, but the kidnapping occurred in Ahmedabad.


Justice Soniya Gokani ordered the complaints to be taken to the Supreme Court.

January 16, 2024

The Supreme Court’s stay was lifted.

February 15, 2024

FIR filed against 19 individuals, including 2 IPS officers and the owner of the electrothermal company.

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