Junagadh Police Unveils Elaborate Job Scam: Imposter Poses as DySP, Extorts Over Two Crore Rupees from 17 Victims

In a startling revelation from Junagadh, a fake Personal Assistant (PA) impersonating a state minister was apprehended, and just days later, another individual from Junagadh, posing as a fake Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP), has caused a stir by engaging in fraudulent activities. The individual reportedly played the role of a driver in the Junagadh Family Court and, astonishingly, managed to hold a fake identification document of a DySP in his possession. When questioned about this startling discovery, the person admitted to promising 17 different individuals government jobs in exchange for a whopping sum of 2.11 crore rupees. The details of this saga have caught the attention of the police, who are now conducting further investigations to determine the extent of the deception. The accused has raised suspicions about whether more people are involved in this scam, and the police are diligently pursuing leads to uncover any additional fraudulent activities.

Rise of Fake Offices, Fake Tolls, Fake PAs, and Now a Fake DySP in Gujarat

In recent times, the term “fake” has taken on a disconcerting prominence in the public consciousness in the state of Gujarat, as instances of counterfeit government offices, bogus toll booths, and even a fraudulent Personal Assistant (PA) to a minister have come to light. The latest revelation, however, surpasses them all – a fake Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP).

Vinith Dave, the Alleged Fake DySP, Dupes Many

Under the jurisdiction of the Junagadh police, an imposter claiming to be a DySP, identified as Vinith Dave, has orchestrated a significant scam. Reportedly, Dave managed to lure 17 individuals with promises of securing them government jobs, extracting a staggering amount of 2.11 crore rupees from them. The accused, using his alleged authority, went as far as providing official identification to unsuspecting victims, instigating a major upheaval in the community.

The accused has been adept at posing as a high-ranking officer, gaining the trust of several people who, in turn, fell prey to his scheme. Following his identification, the police are intensifying their investigation, delving into the depth of this deception and attempting to ascertain if more individuals are involved in this elaborate scam.

The 17 Individuals Defrauded of 2.11 Crore Rupees

In a shocking financial scam, 17 individuals fell victim to a swindler who managed to extort a staggering amount of 2.11 crore rupees from them. Here is a breakdown of the funds extracted from each victim:

  1. Afsana Bloch, Gondal – 10 lakh
  2. Sahil Harun Chavda, Gondal – 10 lakh
  3. Rahil Harun Chavda, Gondal – 10 lakh
  4. Yash Kumbhar, Gondal – 12 lakh
  5. Jayrajbhai Navalbhai Rathod, Gondal – 13 lakh
  6. Shailesh Mangalbhai Kachhad, Rajula – 18 lakh
  7. Shubham Mukeshbhai Vadera, Gondal – 21 lakh
  8. Om Mehulbhai Vadera, Gondal – 13 lakh
  9. Krishna Piyushbhai Solanki, Gondal – 8 lakh
  10. Vinay Shailendrabhai Vyas, Gondal – 8 lakh
  11. Kajalben Bhargavbhai Jasani, Gondal – 16 lakh
  12. Gaurang Ashokbhai Pardhava, Rajkot – 18 lakh
  13. Gunjan Ashokbhai Pardhava, Rajkot – 7.50 lakh
  14. Gauriben Bharatbhai Vaniya Aahir, Talala – 20 lakh
  15. Kajalben Patel Vadla, Jamvanthali – 2 lakh
  16. Pavan Yogeshbhai Dave, Junagadh – 5 lakh
  17. Kishorbhai Kalsariya, Gir Somnath – 20 lakh

The alleged fake DySP, Vinith Dave, enticed these individuals with promises of securing government jobs, extracting substantial sums from each. The details of this elaborate financial fraud have stirred significant concern, prompting a thorough investigation by the authorities.

Vinith Dave, the Fake DySP Impersonating a Family Court Driver

Vinith Dave, originally from Ahmedabad district, has been identified as the individual behind the fake DySP impersonation. Presently residing in Junagadh, he was working as a driver in the Junagadh Family Court. The incident came to light when inquiries were initiated in the Family Court on May 29, 2023, revealing that Dave had been absent from court proceedings since then. Investigations are ongoing to uncover the full extent of this impersonation and financial fraud.

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