APC MLA Dharmendrasinh Vaghela Resignation: Set to Contest Pethad Chuntani, Political Equations Shift in BJP

Dharmendrasinh Vaghela to Resign; BJP Anticipates Inclusion

Dharmendrasinh Vaghela, an opposition party member from Vadodara, is set to resign, creating speculation about his potential induction into the BJP. Following his resignation, he is expected to join the BJP conventionally. Vaghela’s move to resign and contest the election from the BJP aligns with the party’s political strategy. This decision comes after discussions within the BJP, aiming to maintain political balance. Dharmendrasinh Vaghela had previously resigned twice from the BJP, and the recurring talks about his resignation indicate a nuanced political landscape.

I am in the Congress, and I am the elected MLA.

Just a few days ago, the Congress MLA from Vijapur, Gujarat, S.J. Chavda, submitted his resignation. Following this, there were discussions about Porbandar’s Congress MLA Arjun Modhvadiya joining the BJP. Arjun Modhvadiya, the Congress MLA from Porbandar, countered these speculations and expressed his strong commitment to Congress. He dismissed the rumors circulating through various media channels, emphasizing that there is no basis for such claims. In a tweet, he stated, “I am in the Congress, and I am the elected MLA. There is no truth to any speculations about me joining the BJP. This information has no foundation. I remain committed to the Congress party.

It is notable that in Gujarat, the political landscape is heating up with the approaching Lok Sabha elections and the dynamics of party-switching and resignations. Recently, there was significant political activity when the BJP launched its campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, and all parliamentary party offices were inaugurated. The BJP has been actively engaging in political strategies in Gujarat, including the “Operation Lotus,” aimed at attracting Congress leaders and incorporating them into the party.

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