Bank of Baroda in Vadodara Engulfed in Flames – Record Room Fire Sparks Emergency Response

A serious fire broke out today in the record room of the Bank of Baroda in the Mandvi area of Vadodara. Upon receiving information, police officers, along with fire brigade teams, rushed to the scene to control the situation. Ten fire brigade vehicles were dispatched to the incident site, and they effectively managed to bring the fire under control by continuously spraying water. Fortunately, due to the bank being closed today for a holiday, a major disaster was averted.

The incident occurred in the record room of the Bank of Baroda, which is the main branch in Vadodara. The fire broke out during the winter season when there is a higher likelihood of such incidents. The fire brigade teams and police took swift action, preventing the fire from spreading throughout the bank. The cause of the fire is attributed to a short circuit in the record room.

The fire brigade team had to break the lock to enter the Bank of Baroda when they reached the scene. Initially, they directed water from the surrounding hydrants. Since the fire was intense, the fire brigade team broke the main door lock of the bank and entered, continuously spraying water to control the fire. Due to the severity of the fire, the fire brigade team took prompt action and forcefully entered the bank premises.

Upon learning about the incident, Mayor Pinkyben Soni and other senior police officials rushed to the scene. A police cordon was established due to the intense fire, and a concerted effort was made to control the situation. The lock-breaking incident occurred as part of the immediate response to combat the severe fire.

The Vadodara Fire Brigade announced a major fire incident at the Bank of Baroda’s main branch in Vadodara. The bank faced a significant mishap today due to a short circuit, resulting in a fire. Parth Brahmbhatt, the Chief Fire Officer of Vadodara Fire Brigade, mentioned that the fire broke out due to a short circuit in the Bank of Baroda branch. The firefighting team has been consistently working to control the fire by continuously spraying water, and the ventilation process is currently ongoing.

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