Bengaluru Police Action on Kohli’s Pub: FIR for Late Hours and Loud Music Violations

The Bengaluru police have taken action against pubs staying open late. FIRs have been filed against the management of several pubs, including one owned by cricketer Virat Kohli.

FIR Filed Against Virat Kohli’s Pub

According to news from Aaj Tak and India Today, One8 Commune pub is located on MG Road in Bengaluru and is owned by Virat Kohli. The Bengaluru police have stated that FIRs have been filed against several pubs, including One8, for operating late into the night beyond the allowed hours.

Police Statement on Loud Music Complaints

The DCP Central stated in a statement that around 3-4 pubs were shut down for operating until 1:30 AM. They also received complaints about loud music being played late at night.

FIR Filed Against Pub Manager

The police also mentioned that pubs are only allowed to stay open until 1 AM. They cannot operate beyond this time. The One8 Commune pub, located near Chinnaswamy Stadium on MG Road, had an FIR filed against its manager on July 6 for operating beyond the permitted hours.

Virat Kohli’s Favorite City

The Bengaluru branch of One8 was opened in December 2023. In an interview, Virat mentioned that Bengaluru is his favorite city. After Delhi and Mumbai, he chose Bengaluru for the third branch of One8.

Charges for Social Media Posts

In terms of social media, Kohli charges INR 8.9 crores for a post on Instagram. On Twitter, he charges INR 2.5 crores per post. Kohli has over 270 million followers on Instagram, making him the first Asian to have such a large following on the platform.

Endorses More Than 18 Brands

Kohli earns crores of rupees annually from brand endorsements. He makes four times more from advertisements, brand endorsements, and startups than he does from cricket. He has invested in several startups, including Blue Tribe, Universal Sportsbiz, MPL, and Sports Convo. Kohli endorses more than 28 brands and charges INR 7.5 to 10 crores annually for each endorsement.

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