Innovative Electric Car Without Tires or Steering by 3 Gujaratis: 80km Range, 35km/h Speed, ₹65,000 Cost

Unique Capsule Car by Surat Students Astonishes Residents

When a special car passes through the streets of Surat, it leaves the residents in awe. The reason behind this is that the design of this car is completely different from other cars. Normally, cars are operated with a steering wheel, but this car doesn’t have one. Three final-year engineering students, Shivam Maurya, Sangam Mishra, and Diljit, have created a futuristic concept capsule car in Surat. This car has no tires or steering wheel. Additionally, it can run 80 kilometers on a single charge and speeds up to 35 km/h. The students developed this car at a cost of 65,000 rupees. People are amazed when they see this car.

Built in Just Three and a Half Months

Various car designs are available in the market, but with a vision of future car designs, three engineering students from Surat built a car in just three and a half months that has never been seen in India before. This special project is based on the futuristic concept capsule car. It is a completely electric vehicle, created by students with environmental considerations in mind. The design of this car makes it unique. It can run at a speed of 35 km/h and can cover a distance of up to 80 kilometers on a single charge.

Operable by AI

This car does not have a steering wheel. If there is no steering wheel, you might wonder how this car operates. Let us tell you that this car runs with a joystick and a mobile phone. In the coming days, it will also be operable by AI. The futuristic concept capsule car does not have visible wheels anywhere. It measures four by six feet, astonishing everyone who sees it. The students purchased necessary items to build this car, while other parts were sourced from scrap shops. The estimated cost to build this car was 65,000 rupees. The design is entirely futuristic.

Eco-Friendly Car

Student Shivam Maurya stated that they were thinking of preparing a project for the future. They wanted to create a project that no one had ever built or tested on the road. They have created a car that will be seen in the future, with the design completed in one to one and a half months. They practically tested how the car would run on the road. The design will look completely futuristic. There will be no visible tires in the design. The entire structure of the car is circular, with only the body visible. Its design is different from other future-oriented cars. Currently, as pollution is increasing, people are showing interest in electric vehicles considering the environment, which is why they made this vehicle electric-based.

Based on Artificial Intelligence

He further mentioned that this car does not have a steering wheel. If you look at it, you will see someone sitting and operating it. This car works in two ways: manually and operated by a joystick and phone. Its movement is controlled using the joystick and mobile. We are going to base the entire design on Artificial Intelligence. By doing so, sensors will be installed at the front and rear of the car. If a vehicle comes in front, it will automatically stop. We have practically tested how this works by running the prototype on the road. We are thinking of a makeover. We want to modify this car into a flying car, but we do not have the budget. Major companies have been preparing such designs for a long time.

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