Congress Worker’s Controversial Act: Sharing Ayodhya Priest’s Photos with Youth Goes Viral, Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Takes Swift Action

In the upcoming days, the consecration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is set to take place. Meanwhile, a controversy arose when an individual, associated with the Congress’s SC/ST cell, circulated a manipulated photo tarnishing the reputation of the temple’s priest, whose identity had been undisclosed. The Cyber Crime Department in Ahmedabad has taken action and initiated an investigation into the person responsible for spreading the viral photo.

Investigation Reveals Different Aspects

Recent investigations by the Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Department have revealed that the person who circulated the photo of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir priest worked for the Congress’s SC/ST cell. The photo was morphed to resemble the priest, and it was shared virally along with an image of a young woman. Following a comprehensive inquiry, it was found that Hiten Pithadiya was the individual responsible for creating and circulating the photo.

Priest’s Morphed Photo Goes Viral

In a related development, the DCP of Ahmedabad Cyber Crime, Ajit Rajyaguru, informed Divya Bhaskar that the photo of the priest from the Ayodhya Ram Mandir was manipulated and spread virally along with an image of a young woman. Hiten Pithadiya, associated with the Congress’s SC/ST cell in Gujarat, is currently under investigation for his involvement in spreading the manipulated photo. The investigation is ongoing to determine the motive and take appropriate legal action.

Complaint Filed After Finding Priest’s Photo with Woman

In the context of the controversy, Hiten Pithadiya, who works in the SC/ST cell of the Gujarat Congress, was found to have morphed the photo of the priest and shared it with a young woman, making it go viral. A complaint has been lodged in connection with this incident, and legal proceedings are underway to address the issue.

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