Fatal Accident: Woman Hits Physiotherapist on Road By Car, CCTV Captures Incident

A young woman, practicing physiotherapy near Keshavbag in Ahmedabad, was hit by a speeding vehicle while crossing the road near Asopalav Circle. The female driver reportedly ran over her, causing severe injuries to the woman who was seriously injured and found lying on the railway tracks on Lohina Road. Onlookers gathered at the scene, and CCTV footage captured the incident. The injured woman was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. Unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries during treatment, leaving her family devastated. The family members demanded the arrest of the negligent female driver and protested at the police station.

Fatal Accident Involving Young Woman Physiotherapy Student

According to police sources, a 21-year-old woman named Vishwa Shah, residing in Naranpura area, was hit by a vehicle while crossing the road. She suffered multiple fractures and also experienced a heart attack. Currently, she is in critical condition and receiving treatment. Her parents have decided to donate her organs.

Efforts to Apprehend the Accused in the Accident

Eyewitnesses revealed that the female driver hit the young woman abruptly, causing her to be thrown far from the scene. The driver fled the spot when the signal turned red, leaving the injured woman behind. Traffic police immediately rushed to assist the woman and took her to the hospital for treatment. It was reported that the female driver also hit two other individuals before fleeing.

Plea for CCTV Footage from Police

Sanjeev Shah, a neighbor, disclosed that the injured woman is a physiotherapy student and had attended a seminar at school before the accident. She was on her way to the Asopalav showroom near Shivranjani from Sez Road when the accident occurred. Despite filing a complaint with the police, the family has not received a copy of the FIR yet. The police are urged to provide CCTV footage for investigation purposes.

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