Jharkhand Case: Father Rescues Daughter from 1.5 Years of Torture, Celebrates Return with Firecrackers

In a rare and unusual turn of events, a father in Jharkhand brought his daughter back home with a band and fireworks, making a significant statement. Sakshi, a fashion designer, was married to Sachin Kumar, an assistant engineer in the Water Resources Department. Gupta, her father, spent over 50 lakh rupees on her wedding. However, amidst the celebrations, Gupta was diagnosed with cancer. As he recovered, he decided to bring his daughter back home with a grand procession during Navratri, emphasizing that her well-being was more valuable than any amount of money spent on the wedding.

Father’s Determination Saves Daughter

In a remarkable display of support, a father in Jharkhand ensured his daughter’s safety and happiness. His actions serve as an important reminder that unwavering family support can prevent tragic outcomes such as violence or suicide.

“After the wedding, numerous conflicts emerged in our family. When I confronted my husband, he expressed his desire to end the marriage. A shocking revelation came when I received a message from another woman on social media, revealing that my husband was already married to two wives. She showed me pictures of their previous marriage, which had ended in a divorce in 2017. Following the divorce, he married another woman and eventually became involved with me. His intentions were driven by the desire to extort money from me. I shared everything with my father, who assured me that after his cancer surgery, he would personally bring me home. He mentioned that, following the removal of a nasal tube post-surgery, he would take me to our house directly. Despite filing a police complaint against my husband and facing challenges, I did not lose hope. I turned to social media, and the issue garnered significant attention. This public pressure finally compelled the police to take action.”

These two stories underscore the significance of family support, especially in difficult times, and highlight the impact of determined fathers in safeguarding their daughters’ well-being.

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