Duplicate Mark Sheets Scam: Sent to Canada-UK from Surat, Police Nab 3 Accused

A racket involving the creation of multiple duplicate mark sheets has been uncovered in Surat. The Surat Police have seized forged mark sheets from two separate offices. Three suspects have been arrested in connection with this racket. It is alleged that they were involved in producing fake mark sheets from the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) and the Maharashtra Board.

Further, another incident related to the racket involving duplicate mark sheets and document forgery has come to light in Surat city. An application processing center (APC) was operating to create duplicate mark sheets and supporting documents. Investigations are ongoing, and so far, the police have not completed the examination of the fake international bogus degrees and mark sheets confiscated from the Singanpore area of Surat. Additionally, the Surat police have uncovered another racket involving the creation of more duplicate mark sheets, which were being issued from the Utran area. Police raided the offices of a tourism and visa consultancy located in the Green Plaza and Royal Arcade buildings and seized forged documents.

The Surat police have seized fake mark sheets from Utran. According to information received by the Surat Police, a scam involving the creation and distribution of fake Class 10 and 12 mark sheets has been uncovered, with the main culprits operating from D-Mart Road, Green Plaza, and the offices of Tejani Tourism and I-Trust Consultancy Visa. Raids were conducted at these locations, resulting in the seizure of forged documents.

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the racket, two of whom were found abroad. A total of six accused have been identified in the scam. They were involved in producing and distributing duplicate mark sheets and degree certificates. The arrested suspects include Dhruvin Magan Kothiya, Vishal Tejani, and Sanjay Gelaani. While Dhruvin Kothiya is currently in Canada, Boni Talah’s whereabouts are unknown. The Surat Police have declared these three wanted.

After the arrest of the three suspects, they were presented before the court today and remanded in police custody for the next eight days.

The entire racket was being operated by Nilkanth and Vishal Tejani from their offices in D-Mart Road, Green Plaza, where Tejani Tourism and I-Trust Consultancy Visa were functioning. They were involved in unauthorized activities of creating fake mark sheets in their visa consultancy office. Instead of providing legitimate services, they were engaged in producing fake mark sheets for people in exchange for a hefty sum of 1.30 lakh rupees.

The scam came to light when the police swiftly apprehended Dhruvin Kothiya, who was the first to be caught red-handed. He was nabbed with a large cache of duplicate mark sheets near the main market. Upon interrogation by the police, Dhruvin Kothiya confessed that he had placed a file with Nilkanth Devani to study in Canada, but due to some reasons, the file was not approved. At that time, Nilkanth had approached him to provide mark sheets and university degree certificates for clients who needed them to apply for studies abroad. From then on, Dhruvin started referring new clients to Nilkanth. In return for these referrals, Dhruvin received a commission ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. It was discovered that one of the apprehended suspects, Sanjay Gelaani, was responsible for producing the fake mark sheets.

During the interrogation of the apprehended suspects, the police uncovered some shocking information. The suspects had not only been involved in creating duplicate mark sheets for Maharashtra’s Class 10-12 exams but also for Gujarat’s exams. This revelation stunned the authorities, indicating a widespread operation spanning across multiple states. In their preliminary investigation, the police discovered that many individuals had been provided with fake mark sheets and degree certificates.

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