Love Turns Dark in Gandhinagar: Girl Extorted Six Lakhs in Live-In Relationship, Files Rape Complaint Against Lover

Crime Against a Young Woman in Gandhinagar: Allegations of Sexual Assault by Prominent Figure

A 35-year-old woman working in a reputed company in Gandhinagar’s Sarigam T.P.9 area has reported a disturbing incident of sexual assault by her affluent Ahmedabad-based boyfriend. The boyfriend, associated with the Mansukhpuri Power Supply Company in Ahmedabad, allegedly committed the heinous act after luring the victim with promises and using his influence to manipulate her.

According to reliable sources from the Adalaj Police, where the victim filed her complaint, the young woman resides in a society near T.P.9 in Gandhinagar and holds a high position in a company there. The accused, Premapuri Goswami, is known to the victim for the past year, having been introduced through work relations. Over time, their acquaintance developed into a closer relationship, and both eventually started living together.

During this period, Mansukhpuri reportedly extended a credit card to the woman, from which she accrued a substantial amount, around six lakh rupees, to be precise. It is alleged that he coerced her into taking the money, thus trapping her financially. Frustrated with the mounting debt and the pressure to repay, the victim decided to approach the Adalaj Police and file a complaint against Mansukhpuri Goswami.

As the investigation unfolds, it is revealed that the victim initiated legal proceedings against her boyfriend, accusing him not only of financial exploitation but also of committing sexual assault. The police have taken cognizance of the serious charges and are conducting a thorough inquiry into the matter.

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