Meet Dr. Ganesh Baraiya: The World’s Shortest Doctor Triumphs Against Height Barriers to Achieve Medical Dream in Delhi

The dialogue from Shahrukh Khan’s film “Om Shanti Om,” “If you desire something wholeheartedly, the entire universe conspires to make it happen,” finds its meaningful essence in the life of a doctor from Bhavnagar. With a height of just three feet and a weight of 18 kilograms, 23-year-old Ganesh Baraiya has earned the distinction of being the world’s shortest doctor, bringing pride not only to Gujarat but to India as well. 

Overcoming immense challenges, Ganesh Baraiya, who was once engaged in a legal battle, navigated through the complexities, eventually ascending from the High Court to the Supreme Court to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. 

Dr. Ganesh Begins Internship: A Milestone in Bhavnagar

Hailing from the village of Gorkhi in Talaja taluka of Bhavnagar district, Dr. Ganesh Baraiya, the world’s shortest doctor, has brought immense pride to Gujarat and India. After completing his MBBS from Bhavnagar’s government medical college, Dr. Ganesh has now embarked on his internship. 

Despite standing just three feet tall and weighing 18 kilograms, Dr. Ganesh’s internship commenced just two days ago. His internship will span the upcoming year, culminating in March 2025. This significant step marks another milestone in the remarkable journey of Dr. Ganesh, symbolizing perseverance, determination, and the relentless pursuit of his dreams.

Doctor Ganesh Baraiya examining the patients.

MCI Rejects Admission to MBBS: Dr. Ganesh’s Path to Specialization

Dr. Ganesh, after completing his MBBS degree, has set his sights on specializing in medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, or psychiatry by preparing for the NEET PG 2025 examination. In an exclusive interview with News Source, Dr. Ganesh, currently undergoing his internship, revealed his plans to pursue further studies in these medical fields post the NEET PG 2025 examination. 

Throughout his journey to become a doctor, Dr. Ganesh has received immense support from school directors, medical college deans, professors, and friends. According to their statements, there was once consideration to impose restrictions on doctors by school directors following MCI’s refusal to grant admission to MBBS. At that time, the school directors from Neelkanth Vidyalaya in Talaja had even approached the Supreme Court, coming all the way from the High Court, to seek justice.

Dr. Dalpat Kataria, Trustee of Neelkanth Vidyapeeth standing against Dr. Ganesh Baraiah.

Supreme Court Battle for Admission: Dr. Ganesh’s Resilient Journey

The story of Dr. Ganesh Baraiya’s struggles is truly inspiring. Reflecting on his journey of perseverance, Dr. Ganesh’s challenges came to light when, despite successfully clearing NEET with science in 12th standard in 2018 to pursue medical practice, MCI denied him admission to medical school due to his height. Following this, Ganesh’s school principals urged him to challenge MCI’s decision in the High Court, where they fought the case but unfortunately lost. 

However, undeterred by setbacks, Ganesh summoned courage and faith to appeal to the Supreme Court. On October 23, 2018, the Court provided relief, stating that even with lesser height, one could excel in the medical field. Guided by the Supreme Court’s verdict, Ganesh secured admission to Bhavnagar Medical College. His journey began on August 1, 2019, when he commenced his MBBS studies. At that time, Ganesh stood at three feet tall and weighed a mere 16 kilograms. Despite his diminutive stature, he found support first from his school and later from his college and friends, whenever any issues arose.

Dr. Ganesh Baraiah with Additional Dean of Medical College Amit Parmar.

Supportive Friends: A Constant in Dr. Ganesh’s Academic Journey

Dr. Ganesh highlights the challenges he faces in his daily routines due to his short stature. Even during his school days, he encountered various difficulties, most of which were efficiently resolved with the complete cooperation of school administrators and teachers. Whenever issues arose during medical practice practical exams, he found support from the college dean and professors, who ensured that he received special assistance during practical sessions. 

Dr. Ganesh emphasizes the invaluable support he receives from his college friends, who always stand by him, especially during exams. They always advocate for staying ahead in academics. Whenever the need arises, they adjust their study space to accommodate him, ensuring a conducive environment for his studies. The unwavering support of his friends remains a cornerstone in Dr. Ganesh’s academic journey, fostering an environment of collaboration and encouragement.

Family Bond: Dr. Ganesh’s Inspirational Journey

Dr. Ganesh hails from a humble agricultural family, where he is one of seven sisters and one brother. While his uncles’ five sons are all doctors, Dr. Ganesh himself harbored the dream of becoming a doctor since childhood. During his 12th-grade science studies, he received immense support from school administrators. It was then that he was told, “If you work hard and become a doctor despite your short stature, you will set a world record.” Encouraged by this notion, he doubled his efforts, eventually achieving his goal through sheer determination and relentless hard work.

Dr. Ganesh, often seen with a smiling face, is surrounded by a loving family comprising his parents, seven elder sisters, and one younger brother. His father works in agriculture. Dr. Ganesh’s seven sisters are all married, and his younger brother is pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree. Beyond Dr. Ganesh’s achievements, his cousins, sons of his uncles, are also doctors, showcasing a family dedicated to the pursuit of medical excellence.

Overcoming Height Challenges: Dr. Ganesh’s Compassionate Care

Initially, even Dr. Ganesh’s friends were skeptical about his success. However, Dr. Ganesh conquered all these challenges and reached the pinnacle of success. Whenever Dr. Ganesh encounters patients for the first time, he is often surprised by their astonishment at his short stature. However, after conversing with him, patients not only feel comforted but also find joy in his friendly demeanor.

Dr. Ganesh’s friendly nature extends to his approach in treating patients. His demeanor makes patients feel at ease. Presently, he inspires and sets examples for others, including physically challenged individuals, by emphasizing that any form of physical limitation does not impede one’s strength or talent. Dr. Ganesh firmly believes that maintaining faith and confidence in oneself will lead to success.

Assumed Responsibility for Ganesh

Dr. Dalpat Kataria, a trustee of Nilkanth University, revealed that in the past, there were incidents involving Dr. Ganesh’s parents being pressured by certain circles to pay amounts ranging from 2 to 5 lakh rupees. Consequently, his parents were fearful, and there was a period where they hesitated to enroll him in any school. 

However, when Dr. Ganesh secured admission in the science stream of our school, his father assured us of their trust, stating that they have placed their faith in us, and as long as he is with us, they won’t consider any other options.

Struggle with the Weight of Books

Dr. Dalpat Kataria disclosed that during Ganesh’s academic journey, his weight was 14 kilograms and his height was only 3 feet, which made it difficult for him to carry the weight of books. Consequently, he maintained two sets of books—one for school and another for home reading. Despite the challenges, he dedicated himself to his studies and passed with flying colors in the science stream. 

Despite putting tremendous effort into preparing for the NEET exam, he managed to pass in the PWD category but faced rejection from the Medical Council due to an 80% disability, which rendered him ineligible for admission. Even after a re-medical, his application was rejected again. Upon questioning the reason for rejection, he was advised to approach the court. 

Initially losing the case in the High Court, Ganesh and three other students appealed to the Supreme Court. Eventually, they won the case, and Ganesh secured admission to Bhavnagar Medical College in 2019. Today, as a doctor, we are immensely proud of his achievements.

Admission Achieved After Struggle

In 2019, Ganesh Baraiya secured admission to our medical college, despite his height being only 3 feet. It was a result of immense struggle that he finally attained admission, following the orders of the Supreme Court. He has successfully completed four years of MBBS and has passed all his exams with flying colors. Currently, he is undergoing a one-year internship. Upon completion of his internship, he will receive a permanent registration certificate, enabling him to practice as a doctor.

President of Taiwan honored Ganesh Baraiah.

Dr. Ganesh Honored in Taiwan

Dr. Ganesh, known for being one of the shortest doctors globally, has been honored on various occasions for his remarkable achievements. In September of the previous year, he was acknowledged by the President of Taiwan. Following this, the state government, along with the education department, and various social organizations, have also recognized Dr. Ganesh’s contributions in their respective events and programs.

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