Gangster Nikhil Donga Granted Bail: High Court Decision on Cancer-Stricken Accused

Nikhil Donga, a notorious criminal from Rajkot, had filed a land application in the Gujarat High Court through advocate Tasneem Zhabua. The case, which was filed in 2022, has been approved by the High Court today. Nikhil Donga, who is suffering from cancer, is being taken care of, as stated by his lawyer. Nikhil Donga is accused in 117 cases, including murder and contract killings. He entered the world of crime in 2003.

Land application rejected by Sessions Court previously The accused had been booked by the Gondal city police in Rajkot based on a complaint lodged in 2020. He was charged under Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organized Crime Act sections 3(1), 3(2), 3(4), 3(5), 4, and IPC section 120B. Previously, he had also filed a land application in the Rajkot Sessions Court, which was rejected by the Sessions Court in October 2022.

Nikhil Donga is involved in multiple crimes including extortion, land grabbing, contract killing, financial crimes, cybercrime, forgery, human trafficking, and others. A lengthy record was presented before the court, where the accused’s lawyer defended him in one case after another.

Nikhil Donga also faced a murder charge, but he was acquitted in 2023. The accused has been in jail for the past 10 years continuously. His lawyer raised the question in court about how he could operate a gang while being incarcerated. If he were to make a call, it would be the responsibility of the jail authorities. Moreover, since 2020, he has been in custody with no access to a mobile phone.

Nikhil Donga, while incarcerated, operated a network of criminal activities from within the prison. He entered the world of crime in 2003 and established the ‘Yudh Aaj Kalyan’ group in Gondal. He has been involved in as many as 117 crimes so far. Not only that, Nikhil Donga was granted parole to attend court proceedings for 6 serious crimes. He used to run a network of criminal activities while sitting in jail.

The gang led by Nikhil Donga is implicated in a total of 117 crimes. These crimes have been reported in various locations including Gondal, Lodhika, Kotdasangani, Virpur, Bhayavadar, Jetpur, Bhaktinagar, Malaviyanagar, Rajkot taluka, Gandhigram, Pradyumannagar, Crime Branch, Limbdi, Thangadh, Joravarnagar, and Keshod. Nikhil Donga has been implicated in 14 serious crimes between 2003 and 2020.

There was a misunderstanding between Jayrajsinh and Nikhil Donga.

According to sources, Nikhil Donga had worked for Jayrajsinh Jadeja during the 2017 elections, but eventually, misunderstandings arose between them. It is constantly believed that Nikhil Donga and his group are so influential that any complaint or case against them or their group is politically motivated. On the other hand, if Nikhil Donga gets involved in legal battles before the elections and comes out successful, there was a possibility of him helping Jayrajsinh Jadeja’s opponent in the elections.

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