Drug Bust in Gujarat-Rajasthan: ATS Seizes 25kg Synthetic Drugs, 3 Factories Raided

According to sources from the Gujarat ATS, approximately 25 kilograms of synthetic drugs and raw materials have been seized from a factory near Gandhinagar. This entire case has led to significant success for the Gujarat ATS, as it reveals connections of these drugs stretching from Gujarat to Rajasthan. Additionally, there’s evidence of drug manufacturing emerging in Rajasthan as well. DGP Vikas Sahay disclosed that action is currently underway, with 161 narcotics cases resulting in arrests and seizures worth 3 crore rupees.

25 Kilograms of Ready Drugs Found

Information from Gujarat ATS sources indicates ongoing drug manufacturing in both Rajasthan and Gujarat. Despite efforts to locate and intercept these operations, accurate details were scarce until recently when a factory near Gandhinagar was discovered producing 25 kilograms of ready drugs.

ATS Raids in Rajasthan Too

Alongside 25 kilograms of raw material for other drugs, Rajasthan has also seen similar manufacturing activities. ATS has been investigating these operations for some time, probing into their supply chains. Concerns have arisen about drug production not only in Gujarat but also in Rajasthan, leading ATS to search for two other factories.

Arrests Made in Narcotics Cases

DGP Vikas Sahay confirmed that current operations are in progress, including various types of investigations. Notably, arrests have been made, including those involved in the trafficking of caffeine-based substances. So far, 161 suspects have been arrested in narcotics cases, resulting in 81 cases and a 3 crore rupee drug seizure. The information leading to these arrests was developed by human intelligence. One individual in Ahmedabad was caught red-handed with raw materials for drug production, indicating operations across four locations, coordinated with the NCB.

Seizure of Raw Materials Leads to Arrests

Further details reveal that 500 grams of MD and raw materials were seized from Pipaljam in Gandhinagar. In Osia, Jodhpur, a factory was discovered, resulting in the arrest of Ram Prasad. Additionally, 6.5 kilograms of MD were seized in Amreli. The total value of the seized materials amounts to 230 crores. This multi-state racket involved the transportation of raw materials, and now, further investigation has been handed over to the NCB to trace financial transactions.

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