Tragic Death of 3 Gujarati Women in America: Patel Women’s SUV Crosses 4-6 Lanes, Collides with Tree, Thrown 20 Feet in the Air

In a heartbreaking incident of a road accident in America, three Gujarati women lost their lives, while another woman sustained serious injuries. The deceased women were natives of Anand district. According to reports, the women were traveling in a car when it collided with an overpass, resulting in a tragic accident.

The three women, residents of Kavitha village living in Georgia, including Rekhaben Dilipbhai Patel, Sangitaben B. Patel, and Manishaben Rajendrabhai Patel, were traveling from Atlanta to Green Villa, South Carolina. The accident was so severe that the car collided with the overpass. Traffic lanes were diverted, with the overpass being 20 feet high.

After the SUV crashed into multiple places, three women lost their lives, while one remained in critical condition. The news of this incident deeply shocked and saddened the families of Kavitha and Vasna Borsad who received the tragic news.

Tragic Loss of Three Women from Anand

Tragic Loss of Three Women from Anand

A devastating accident occurred in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, claiming the lives of three women from Anand district. The deceased, Rekhaben Patel, Sangitaben Patel, and Manishaben Patel, were residents of Anand. 

Two of the deceased women hailed from Vasna village, while one was from Kavitha village. Another woman who was traveling with them sustained serious injuries in the accident.

Suspected Over-Speeding Leads to Tragic Accident

Suspected Over-Speeding Leads to Tragic Accident

According to local sources, the women were traveling from Atlanta to Greenville, South Carolina, when their car met with an accident. It is speculated that the accident occurred due to overspeeding. 

Local police arrived at the scene of the accident immediately after the collision. The tragic deaths of the women have left their families in deep mourning.

Severe Impact of the Accident

Severe Impact of the Accident: Car Thrown 20 Feet in the Air

According to local police, the accident was so severe that the car was thrown 20 feet in the air and collided with a tree on the opposite side of the bridge. Investigations are currently underway to determine the exact speed of the vehicle. 

The coroner’s office in Greenville County reported that the SUV lost control while traveling north on I-85 and went up on the divider, then crashing on the opposite side of the bridge with a tree. Before colliding with the tree, the car was airborne for about 20 feet. The condition of the car suggests that the accident was extremely grave.

Coroner Mike Ellis stated that it is evident that they were driving the car at high speed. He also clarified that no other vehicle was involved in this accident. The car was extensively damaged in multiple pieces.

Ellis further explained that accidents like these often involve vehicles traveling at such high speeds that they surpass traffic on 4-6 lanes and are thrown approximately 20 feet in the air, colliding with trees.

Emergency response teams, including South Carolina Highway Patrol, Greenville County EMS, and Greenville City Fire and Rescue, rushed to the scene of the accident. Only one person survived the accident and has been admitted to the hospital, but there is no information about their condition. The vehicle detection system alerted a few family members about the incident, who then informed local authorities in South Carolina.

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