Missing: ‘Taarak Mehta…’ Former Actor Gurucharan Singh Disappears Five Days Ago: Reported Kidnapping Suspicions

The popular television series “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” is currently making headlines as Gurucharan Singh, who plays the role of Sodhi in the series, has gone missing from Delhi. Gurucharan Singh’s father, Harjeet Singh, has filed a missing person report at a Delhi police station.

Gurucharan Singh Was Supposed to Travel from Delhi to Mumbai

Gurucharan Singh was supposed to travel from Delhi to Mumbai. However, he didn’t reach Delhi, nor did he return home to Mumbai. Concerned about his son not reaching Mumbai, Gurucharan’s father had filed a police report.

According to the police report, “My son Gurucharan Singh is 50 years old, and on April 22, around 7:30 in the morning, he was supposed to travel to Mumbai. However, he hasn’t reached Mumbai, nor has he returned home. His phone is also unreachable. 

He is mentally stable. We tried to find him, but he is currently missing.” It’s worth noting that Gurucharan was in Delhi, from where he was supposed to come to Mumbai. However, his whereabouts since April 22 remain unknown.

After leaving the serial in 2020, Gurucharan has not been seen in any other serial

Father Trusts Police Completely

Gurucharan Singh’s father, Harjeet Singh, expressed in a media interview that he has full confidence in the police. He mentioned that police officers are currently cooperating and assuring the family that they are swiftly investigating the case. 

Harjeet Singh also stated that the Station House Officer (SHO) assured him over the phone that they would locate his son shortly. He hopes that wherever Gurucharan is, he will be found safe and sound. It’s notable that details regarding Gurucharan’s disappearance were recorded on April 25 at the police station in Palam village, South Delhi.

Son’s Disappearance Leads to Mother Falling Ill

Following Gurucharan’s disappearance, his mother fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. Harjeet mentioned that there were discussions about admitting her to the hospital when Gurucharan went missing. He stated that his wife is currently at home, and her condition is stable. 

The current situation is very challenging for the family, but they have full faith in God and the country’s justice system.

Four Days Ago, Gurucharan’s Social Media Post

Four days ago, Gurucharan posted a video on social media, wishing his father a happy birthday. Gurucharan is active on social media, often sharing various videos.

Jennifer Files Case Against Asit Modi for Racial Discrimination

Jennifer filed a case against the producer of the serial, Asit Modi, alleging racial discrimination. In an interview, Jennifer stated, “It was Gurucharan who saved me from Asit Modi’s inappropriate behavior in Singapore. 

When Asit Modi tried to flirt and touch me, Gurucharan intervened and warned Asit Modi to stay away. He was aware of Asit Modi’s actions. In May 2023, Gurucharan assured me that he wouldn’t speak about it in the media, but he would definitely speak up in court if necessary.”

In the serial, Jennifer played the role of Gurucharan's wife

“Suddenly Disappeared Again”

Jennifer further elaborated, “Unexpectedly, on June 9, 2023, Gurucharan called me and asked to meet. He told me that Asit Modi had returned his pending three years’ worth of money. Hearing this, I immediately thought that he might not speak up for me now. 

He even mentioned that he could resolve the matter with Asit. Hearing Gurucharan’s words, I felt alarmed because the police had advised against resolving the issue with any individual.”

Gurucharan’s Journey to Mumbai Amid Financial Struggles

Gurucharan, in an interview, revealed the reasons behind his move to Mumbai, stating that as his debts mounted, he found himself in a tight spot, struggling to recover owed money. Unable to find any source of income and facing financial challenges, he decided to relocate to Mumbai. 

After residing there for six months, he landed the role of Roshan Singh Sodhi in the popular television show “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” in 2008.

Departure from the Show: Gurucharan’s Journey

Gurucharan had been associated with this show since 2008 but parted ways in 2013, only to return in 2014 due to public demand. After working for six years, he left the show again in 2020. His role was later taken over by Balvinder Singh Suri, while Roshan Singh’s character was reassigned. 

Following his departure, Gurucharan didn’t appear in any other serial. He explained, “During that time, my father had to undergo surgery, which led me to leave the show. There were also other reasons, and I had to focus on him. Life was moving forward, and I didn’t want to dwell on this matter.”

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