PCB’s Peculiar Formula: 3 Cricketers Injured in Army-like Training in Pakistan

In Pakistan, where challenges often resemble military campaigns, even cricket training adheres to a stringent discipline akin to that of the armed forces. Recently, Moin Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, took a bold step during the Super League matches by admonishing players for attempting extravagant shots instead of focusing on fitness. 

In the dressing room, he urged them to prioritize their physical condition. Following the conclusion of the Super League, players were promptly dispatched to Kakul Military Academy for a 14-day intensive training program.

The training includes grueling exercises like mountain climbing and stone lifting, reflecting the demanding nature of this military-style regimen. Among those affected by the intensity were star batsmen Mohammad Rizwan, Azam Khan, and Irfan Niaz, who sustained injuries ahead of the upcoming series against New Zealand.

With the T20 World Cup set to commence on June 2nd, Pakistan faces challenges not only against Ireland and England but also in maintaining the fitness and form of its players amidst such rigorous training.

Exhaustive Training in Kakul’s Peaks: Pushing Cricketers to Their Limits

Amidst the rugged terrain of Kakul, cricketers are subjected to an arduous regimen that includes running on each other’s backs, leaving many gasping for breath. According to sources, during military training sessions, cricketers are made to run on each other’s backs as part of their fitness drills. Alongside army physical hurdles, they endure Burma bridges and climbing exercises. 

The most challenging ordeal involves cricketers carrying each other on their backs and racing, akin to a soldier carrying an injured comrade on the battlefield and sprinting. Many players struggle to keep up, panting heavily amidst the rigorous training.

Social Media Mockery over Azam Khan’s Training Video

Azam Khan’s training video became the subject of much amusement on social media, with users poking fun at the visibly overweight player’s efforts. 

A former player even commented anonymously, highlighting the oversight of the board chief, Moin Khan, regarding the stark difference between military and cricketing training requirements. 

While physical fitness is crucial for athletes, mental strength is equally essential, an aspect often overlooked in traditional military-style training.

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