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Extortion Case: Couple Demands Rs. 4 Lakh from Elderly Man in Jasdan

In the Bajrangnagar Talavdi area of Jasdan in Rajkot district, a couple residing near the elderly man’s residence allegedly demanded Rs. 20,000 from him. The elderly man had given milk to the woman, and after inviting her into his house, she reportedly threatened him and demanded money. Following this, the man’s wife intervened, and they allegedly coerced him to pay Rs. 20,000.

The woman later called the elderly man, instructing him to bring more money and warned him that this was not the first time this had happened. She threatened to file a complaint of harassment if he did not comply with their demands. Subsequently, the elderly man filed a complaint with the Jasdan police, alleging extortion.

Complaint Lodged Regarding Milk Payment in Jasdan

A 52-year-old resident engaged in the milk business in the Bajrangnagar Talavdi area of Jasdan filed a complaint stating that on the morning of November 1, 2023, at 9 a.m., he received a call from a woman alleging that he owed her for one liter of milk. The man mentioned that he had already paid for the milk from outside the woman’s house.

Following the call, the woman insisted that the man come to her house to settle the outstanding payment for the previously purchased milk. The complainant explained that he provided the milk from outside the woman’s residence. Subsequently, the woman urged him to visit her home to discuss and settle the financial matter regarding the milk payment.

Incident of Domestic Dispute Involving Husband Entering Home

An incident occurred where the husband entered the house directly, prompting the wife to ask me to stay seated. Before I could comprehend the situation, the woman began undressing herself and engaging in aggressive actions. In the midst of this, the woman received a phone call. It was then revealed that the woman’s husband had entered the house directly and started arguing loudly.

This situation may have raised concerns and could potentially be a domestic dispute. Such incidents need careful handling and intervention from relevant authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of those involved. If there is any immediate threat or danger, it is advisable to contact local law enforcement for assistance.

Alleged Extortion of 20,000 Rupees

An incident unfolded where the husband, in a threatening manner, began questioning the woman, to which she responded by stating that she had not done anything. During this conversation, the husband insisted that she leave immediately, and later, he suggested talking over the phone in the evening.

Subsequently, around 4 PM, the accused contacted the woman and proposed that they both have a conversation sitting down. However, due to fear, she did not go. The next day in the afternoon, the accused called again, revealing that they intended to file a police case for harassment. Later that day, at 7 PM, the accused demanded 30,000 rupees but eventually settled for 20,000 rupees, which the complainant provided to Jasdhan Jaydeep Choksi in Chakma.

This scenario appears to involve coercion or blackmail, and the woman might have been compelled to pay a certain amount to prevent adverse consequences. In such situations, it is advisable to contact local authorities and seek legal assistance to ensure one’s safety and address the underlying issues.

Police Detain Couple for Further Investigation

In a recent development, the police have taken a couple into custody for additional investigation. The husband had contacted the woman and implied that she would need to pay Rs. 4 lakh; otherwise, he would file a false complaint of harassment against her. This threat seems to be part of an ongoing issue where the accused has allegedly extorted money from the woman before.

After this conversation, the woman reported the matter to the police, and they have now detained the couple under IPC sections 388 (Extortion by threat of accusation of an offense punishable with death or imprisonment for life), 389 (Putting a person in fear of accusation of offense, in order to commit extortion), and 120B (criminal conspiracy). The police are conducting a more thorough investigation to determine the veracity of the allegations and gather evidence regarding the extortion attempt.

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