Illegal Shuttle Services: Private Cars Acting as Shuttles Prior to ST Buses on the Expressway, Witnessed by Traffic Police

A tragic incident occurred near Nadiad on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway, resulting in the death of 8 passengers amidst a collision between an articulated truck and a tanker. Two individuals lost their lives during the ordeal. 

It has been observed that numerous shuttles, with capacities exceeding their limits, ply daily on the CTM Expressway near Ahmedabad to Vadodara. 

Today, a ground report by source revealed that several shuttles overloaded with passengers were traversing the Expressway. Despite the presence of traffic police checkpoints, officers seemed to be stationed slightly ahead, failing to intercept the overloaded vehicles at the designated points.

A TRB jawan and a traffic policeman standing at a distance

Private Drivers Flouting ST Rules

The Gujarat State Transport Corporation’s (ST) bus stand near the CTM Expressway witnesses a significant influx of travelers heading towards Vadodara and Surat on a daily basis. Even after recent accidents on the Expressway, several private car drivers were spotted ferrying shuttle passengers, with two to three drivers seen in some cars. 

While most of these incidents occurred in cars heading towards Vadodara, where the majority of the expressway’s traffic is directed, it is concerning that private vehicles are being used to transport passengers from the ST bus stand, where no private vehicles are allowed to pick up passengers. Despite the presence of traffic police checkpoints, private drivers continue to operate shuttles, disregarding regulations.

Rampant Shuttle Operations Despite ST Rules

Every day, between 30 to 40 private cars, functioning as shuttles, are seen transporting passengers on the CTM Expressway. However, following recent accidents, no shuttle vehicles were spotted on the Expressway today. 

Instead, one or two drivers were observed urging pedestrians to quickly board their vehicles, mimicking the actions of ST bus drivers. Adjacent to the Gujarat State Transport Corporation’s bus stand, which serves as a departure point for thousands of travelers heading towards South Gujarat daily, individuals typically solicit passengers from private vehicles and luxury buses. 

Surprisingly, even luxury buses were seen picking up passengers today, according to ground reports.

A bus standing at a bus stop to pick up passengers

Four Individuals Seen Soliciting Passengers into Private Buses

At the Gujarat State Transport (ST) bus, four individuals were observed soliciting passengers into private buses to transport them to their destinations. These individuals were persuading pedestrians to board the private buses, aimed at traveling towards Vadodara and Surat. 

Two luxury buses bound for Surat were seen picking up passengers from there. Passengers were being urged to board these buses with announcements directing them towards Vadodara and Surat. 

Despite the prohibition on the entry of private luxury buses into the city on certain days, these buses, including checked ST buses, continue to operate, catering to passengers traveling towards Vadodara from Surat.

Ertinga is filled with illegal passengers

Private Cars Running as Shuttles Between Ahmedabad and Vadodara

Near the CTM Expressway, private cars are observed ferrying passengers as shuttles between Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Several such private vehicles operate daily as shuttles, without disclosing the driver’s identity. 

Despite the efforts of traffic police to crack down on this practice, many cars continue to function as shuttles on this route. These cars, both luxury buses and private vehicles, run under the observation of the police. 

Just ten days ago, a young man was caught soliciting passengers to fill a private shuttle. It is evident that both Ahmedabad and Vadodara-bound private vehicles are being used as shuttles along this route.

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