Jain Housing Pledges to Fully Renovate Jains Westminster

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Putting Customers Interest First

In an inspiring demonstration of its unwavering commitment to its customers, Jain Housing, a distinguished real estate group based in Chennai, has taken the initiative to restore and renovate the Jains Westminster, a 17-storey apartment complex in Saligramam. The building has faced challenges due to chloride-induced corrosion, and the company has vowed to rectify the situation in alignment with its core corporate values.

MOU Signed between Jain Housing and Westminster Owners Welfare Association

The company recently entered into a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Jains Westminster Owners Welfare Association on August 14, 2023. This collaborative agreement signifies Jain Housings determination to expedite the repair and renovation work, aiming for completion within a stringent 12-month timeline.

Dr. V Rajendran, M.E. (Struc.) Ph.D from CQC from IIT Madras incubated company & former secretary of Association of consulting civil engineers, renowned in rehabilitation of reinforced concrete states that “The structural deterioration in the complex is attributed to chloride induced corrosion.” Structural consultant of the complex states that “The structural damage is not owing to any design or quality issue.” There were no complaint whatsoever in respect of structure of the building for the initial five years from its occupation. However, in 2019, the emergence of cracks in columns and beams prompted a closer inspection. Expert evaluations identified chloride-induced corrosion as the underlying issue.

The response was immediate, as Jain Housing engaged a specialized agency to undertake necessary repairs. Despite the initial steps taken, differences in repair methodologies led to a suspension of the rectification work by the Jains Westminster Owners Welfare Association. This suspension by the Welfare Association persisted for approximately 28 months.

Had the repairs continued as intended, the buildings condition would not have significantly deteriorated, potentially resolving the issue a year ago. However, Jain Housing has now resolved to comprehensively renovate or redevelop the complex, as the case may be, striving to restore the confidence of its residents and underline its unwavering allegiance to customer satisfaction.

With a history spanning back to 1987, Jain Housing has made a significant impact in the housing sector. Having completed over 200 projects and delivered more than 20,000+ apartments across major cities in South India, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, the companys legacy is firmly rooted in its quality and commitment.

The decision to restore Jains Westminster reinforces Jain Housings dedication to its customers and underscores its determination to uphold its reputation, accumulated over 35 years, regardless of the challenges faced. This move marks a poignant testament to the companys ethos of standing by its patrons, ensuring their satisfaction remains paramount.

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