Kajal Hindustani Faces Escalating Troubles: Patidar Community Daughters’ Protest Spreads to Jamnagar

After making derogatory remarks about the daughters of the Patel community in Surat, Kajal Hindustani, a prominent Patel leader and Congress leader, has now faced opposition from the Patel community in Jamnagar as well. Following Kajal’s comments, which were deemed offensive, the Patel community leaders filed a complaint in Jamnagar City Division. Subsequently, leaders of the Patel community residing in Maliya Rohishala village in Maliya Taluka also filed a petition at the Poli Police Station in Maliya. This escalation comes as Kajal Hindustani faces increasing challenges.

The Patel community in Gujarat is agitated following an incident where derogatory comments were made about their daughters. It was mentioned in this petition that on 8th June 2023, a felicitation event was organized by the Gadkadha Mitramandal in Surat district. In this event, a video of Kajal’s speech went viral, which had been received on my mobile phone. Kajal had made comments about the daughters of the Patel community. The video of the speech went viral on YouTube, causing great embarrassment and insult to the sentiments of the Patel community in Gujarat. The speech was inflammatory and defamatory, and no such incident had occurred in Morbi. However, Kajal is trying to settle the matter by seeking a TRP apology, and therefore, an application has been submitted to take action against her for obtaining justice.

“Kajal spoke words against the daughters of the Patel community,” stated Parth Motilal Patel, a leader of the Patel community and Congress, said. “This is completely false, we strongly condemn it, and we are going to take legal action against her. We have conveyed through the media that no member of the Patel community should make such false accusations. This is defaming our daughters. Such actions should not be taken for cheap publicity. If any member of our community invites her to share the stage by calling her as a guest, there will be strong opposition. Today, we have submitted an application to the SP and demanded to file a complaint.”

Know What Kajal Said in the YouTube Video

It is noteworthy that Kajal had stated at an event in Surat that she has seven daughters from the Morbi Patel community, and she has also bought cars worth 40 lakhs for these girls.

Comments Against the Daughters of Morbi Patel Community in Surat

Manoj Panara, a prominent leader of the Morbi Patel community and Congress, stated that Kajal, a woman with the name Hindustani, publicly made inappropriate comments defaming the daughters of the Morbi Patel community in Surat.

Kajal Increases Her TRP at the Expense of Others

Manoj Panara informed the media that Kajal, in order to increase her own popularity, lowers the dignity of others. Kajal’s actions have caused a conspiracy to defame the daughters of the Morbi Patel community for her own TRP. We have been investigating for a long time, but such incidents have not come to our attention. Kajal is making such remarks publicly to defame the daughters of our society, and there is also a video of her on YouTube. Therefore, we filed an FIR against Kajal for conspiring to defame the daughters of our society.

Public Apology or Face Complaints from Every Village

Manoj Panara said that Kajal should improve her behavior and apologize to the Patel community. Otherwise, complaints will be filed against her from every village in Gujarat where the Patel community resides. In the coming days, if you make any inappropriate comments about any community, tarnish anyone’s reputation, or engage in any misconduct, you will be required to publicly apologize. Otherwise, we will take legal action against you more rigorously.

Patidar Community Urged Not to Invite These Two

We urge everyone not to invite these two troublemakers to any event on the stage of the Patidar community, especially if they are invited to events of the Patidar community. We appeal to the people of our community to join hands and request that these two not be invited to any event.

Complaint Filed Against Kajal in Maliya

A complaint was filed at the Maliya police station against Kajal for her derogatory comments made against Patidar girls during an event in Surat. The Patidar community leader, residing in the Rohishala village of Maliya after Morbi and Jamnagar, also filed a complaint against Kajal for her derogatory speech. Despite no such incidents occurring in Morbi, Kajal seeks applause for her actions. Kajal demanded action against her defamatory remarks.

Who is Kajal Hindustani?

Kajal was born in Sirohi village in Rajasthan. However, at the age of twelve, she lost her father’s shadow. Her family was engaged in wholesale incense and biscuit business. There was no political atmosphere in the family. Struggling with family circumstances, she graduated from Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Udaipur. In 2002, she got married to Shingala, a businessman residing in Jamnagar. There was no relationship with politics from her in-laws’ side either.

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