Kejriwal in the Delhi Assembly: BJP Would Can ED-CBI To Shri Ram And Can Ask Gunpoint Question To Join BJP or Go TO Jail

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s Chief Minister, stated in the Delhi Legislative Assembly on Saturday (March 9) – If Lord Shri Ram were alive today, the BJP would have released him from the grip of the ED-CBI and interrogated him with a gun to join BJP or go to jail.

AAP Leaders Caught in Liquor Policy Scandal

In a major blow to AAP’s integrity, three prominent leaders – Manish Sisodia, Satyendra Jain, and Sanjay Singh have been arrested by the ED and CBI. Kejriwal has been summoned by the ED eight times for questioning. However, he hasn’t appeared before the ED even once. He commented that perhaps he would soon receive the ninth summons. But I am announcing publicly that for every summons you issue, I will build as many schools.

Kejriwal’s Meeting with Women and BJP’s Response

Apart from this, Kejriwal also held a town hall meeting with women on Saturday. He said – Give AAP a chance to vote, and if your husband talks more about Modi-Modi, don’t let him sleep at night.

BJP Accuses AAP of Harming Hindu Sentiments

Delhi BJP has criticized Kejriwal’s submission to Lord Ram. State President Virender Sachdeva said that AAP leaders have been consistently doing politics in the name of Lord Ram. They are exploiting sympathy in the name of Ram. As a result, the sentiments of millions of Hindus have been hurt.

Kejriwal’s Hope for Budget and BJP’s Criticism

Kejriwal said – I hope that Sisodia will present the budget next year. We cannot forget Manish Sisodia, who has been preparing the budget so far. I hope they will present the next year’s budget. The budget for 2024-25 is comprehensive, with attention to every department. People are saying that AAP is winning all 7 Lok Sabha seats. Kejriwal mentioned the Women’s Respect Scheme and accused BJP of opposing it and demanding its halt.

Kejriwal’s Arrest Feasibility

Kejriwal even claimed that the BJP is seeking to end the Aam Aadmi Party and is planning to release him from jail. The Chief Minister of Delhi had also accused the BJP of breaking opposition MLAs to bring down his government and thwarting all the work of his government.

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