Delhi Police Confirms Truth of Alleged Assault on SI through Video: Case of Attacking Namazis

On March 8, in the streets of Delhi’s Indralok Extension, a police officer was allegedly seen misbehaving with people who were offering prayers. Following this incident, anger among the public escalated, and claims regarding this matter are also going viral on social media.

Video Circulates, Allegations of Police Misconduct

On March 10, a video was circulating on social media showing several police officers allegedly surrounding and assaulting individuals with apparent anger for 1.25 minutes. Claims arose suggesting that the officers were beating up those offering prayers and had taken them to court. Many tweets associated with these claims surfaced, prompting Delhi Police to tweet and clarify the truth behind the viral video.

Reactions to Viral Claims

Dr. Rizwan Ahmed tweeted from his Twitter account, stating that while a police officer was escorting someone to court after interrupting their prayer, thousands of police officers attacked Muslims. This tweet received over 3500 likes and was retweeted over 2300 times. Another tweet from “We The People” account warned Hindus to open their eyes, considering the video as a serious warning.

Delhi Police’s Response to Viral Claims

Delhi Police tweeted on the night of March 10, around 9:50 PM, regarding the viral video. They clarified in their tweet that the claims were misleading, as the video was not recent and did not involve SI. The incident in the video did not occur on Saturday, March 9, but on Friday, March 8, when clashes broke out in Indralok. Local residents had brought the matter to the attention of police officers, leading to a scuffle.

Manoj Kumar initially assaulted those offering prayers, and later, he was subjected to kicks and slaps. A video of the incident went viral on social media, leading to authorities being alerted. The station in-charge was suspended following the incident. The next day, Divya Bhaskar Mosque was visited, and discussions were held with the mosque’s Mufti and attendees regarding the incident.

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