Three Rescued from Collapsed House, Claimed to Have Heard a Thunderous Noise: Locals Hail Them as ‘Angels,’ Pulled Each Out Safely

In a society near the Nadiad Sports Complex, three laborers were trapped under a slab during the construction of a house. They were extricated by local residents for rescue operations. Nadiad Fire Brigade and police teams have reached the scene of the incident.

The slab of a house under construction collapsed suddenly this afternoon in the society near Nadiad Sports Complex. Three laborers who were working on it got trapped. The incident drew a crowd of onlookers, and the three trapped laborers were rescued for medical assistance through 108 emergency services.

“I was drinking tea when I heard the noise and ran immediately,” said eyewitness Firoz Bhai Chan. “I live in the neighborhood of Marida Bhagol. I had come here to drink tea nearby. When I was drinking tea, I heard a sudden noise and I ran immediately. When I came here, I saw four laborers outside and two trapped inside under the slab. So, along with other local people, we pulled out all the laborers trapped and dug out. Among the trapped people, there was a woman and a man. Everyone has been safely rescued and taken care of.”

The Chief Officer of the Nadiad Municipality, Rudresh Hud, also rushed to the scene of the incident. He stated that the accident occurred in the under-construction house this afternoon. All those affected by the incident have been immediately transported to the Nadiad Civil Hospital via 108 ambulances for treatment. Currently, no one is trapped inside the house under construction. Everyone is safe and secure.

Following the incident of the slab collapse at the under-construction house, there was significant commotion in the area. People nearby rushed to the site to assist the laborers trapped under the collapsed slab, aiding in their rescue efforts. Along with the city magistrate, a police contingent also arrived at the scene to oversee the situation. The Nadiad Fire Brigade managed to lift the slab using cutters to free the trapped laborers. Fortunately, no casualties were reported as all laborers were safely rescued from the site.

As reported by the contractor, there were a total of 12-14 laborers working at the site before the incident occurred. A slab, which was being filled, collapsed onto the ground floor slab, causing the entire structure to collapse. Nearby children were playing, and they witnessed the incident unfold. Fortunately, the innocent children survived the incident, and a major loss of life was averted.

Niyati Rao

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