Intense Blaze Engulfs Warehouse in Kheda: Fire Brigade Team Rushes to Scene

Near the Hariyala village of Kheda, a series of fires have erupted in a warehouse belonging to a warehousing house. On Wednesday morning, this incident sparked heavy commotion, prompting the fire brigade teams from Nadiad and Kheda to rush to the scene. Efforts are underway to contain the raging fire by dousing it with water.

Intense Chaos in Warehouse: Fire Incident Near Kheda's Hariyala Village

Intense Chaos in Warehouse: Fire Incident Near Kheda’s Hariyala Village

In the vicinity of the serene Hariyala Village in Kheda taluka, a warehouse in Betadilat witnessed a sudden blaze on Wednesday morning, without any apparent cause. The fire took on a ferocious form, visible from several kilometers away. 

Responding swiftly to the situation, both the Kheda and Nadiad fire brigades rushed to the scene with their water browsers. Efforts are underway to quell the flames by dousing them with water. However, as of now, the fire is yet to be fully contained. 

The intensity of the blaze caused significant panic within the warehouse, with workers attempting to break down walls to gain control over the fire.

No Casualties Reported Amidst Intense Relief Efforts

No Casualties Reported Amidst Intense Relief Efforts

According to sources from the fire brigade, continuous efforts are being made to contain the severe fire that broke out in this logistic warehouse. Despite continuous spraying of water from water browsers, the fire remained uncontrolled even two hours after ignition. 

As a result, assistance was sought from the fire brigades of Kheda, Nadiad, ONGC Kheda, and Ahmedabad. Presently, around 70% of the fire has been brought under control. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported in this incident.

Possibility of Fire from Short Circuit

Jyotsnaben, the village head of Hariyala, informed us that an incident of fire occurred between 8:30 to 9 in the morning today. It’s estimated to have affected approximately two warehouses where goods of two companies are stored. Initial investigations suggest the possibility of a fire caused by a short circuit. 

At the time of the fire, neither were there any workers present in the warehouse, nor were any goods being loaded or unloaded, thus averting potential casualties. Firefighters discovered the fire while conducting routine checks, prompted by smoke emanating from the warehouse. Presently, I and the local authorities are at the site. 

The fire is not yet fully under control. In an effort to gain control over the fire, firefighters are breaking down the walls of the warehouse due to the smoke inside.

fully under control

Fire Erupts in Warehouse in Ahmedabad as Well

In another incident, this time at the Ramdev Estate on Nikol Ring Road in the eastern outskirts of Ahmedabad, a fire broke out this morning in a warehouse storing LED raw materials. Upon being informed, seven vehicles from the Nikol Fire Station immediately rushed to the scene. 

The fire brigade team managed to bring the fire under control by spraying water. It was revealed that the owner of the Light Palace warehouse in Ramdev Estate had not obtained a Fire NOC. This has raised several questions, as even after years of operation, the warehouse did not have an NOC from the fire brigade. Now, action is expected to be taken against them by the Fire Brigade Department.

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