Liquor Smuggling Foiled: Two Held with 400 Liters on Shertha-Uwarsad Road, Gandhinagar; Rs 3.28 Lakh Seized

Law enforcement officials from the Local Crime Branch (LCB) demonstrated commendable vigilance and efficiency as they intercepted a suspicious vehicle on the Shertha-Uwarsad road in Gandhinagar. The interception, carried out by a team returning from the Chief Minister’s residence at Kalol, resulted in the apprehension of two individuals engaged in illegal activities.

The diligent operation culminated in the discovery of approximately 400 liters of country liquor within the vehicle. In addition to the illicit liquor, a substantial amount of cash, mobile devices, and the vehicle itself were seized, amounting to a total value of Rs. 3 lakh 28 thousand.

Local Crime Branch Team’s Swift Action During BJP’s New Year Sneh Milan Program in Kalol

Under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) organized its New Year Sneh Milan program in Kalol, Gandhinagar district, on the preceding day. The event saw active participation, with the Local Crime Branch (LCB) team, led by PI HP Parmar from Gandhinagar, overseeing security arrangements.

Post the successful conclusion of the event, the LCB team, en route to Gandhinagar at night, encountered a notable incident on the Shertha-Uwarasad road. A speeding white-colored car was observed swiftly passing through the fields near Sadvichar Parivar School.

Local Crime Branch Takes Swift Action, Uncovers Illicit Liquor Possession During Routine Check

The vigilance of the Local Crime Branch (LCB) was brought into play when a white-colored vehicle, speeding through the fields near Sadvichar Parivar School on Shertha-Uwarasad road, raised suspicions. The LCB team, returning from the BJP’s New Year Sneh Milan program in Kalol under the Chief Minister’s chairmanship, decided to investigate further.

Upon stopping the vehicle, the LCB team discovered two individuals inside, and the unmistakable aroma of country liquor heightened their suspicions. In response to this potential breach of the law, the LCBA initiated a thorough search of the vehicle. Subsequently, the team uncovered Kantan katta and plastic bags containing a significant quantity of country liquor.

Local Crime Branch Apprehends Bootleggers, Seizes 400 Liters of Illicit Liquor in Gandhinagar

In the course of the investigation, the individuals in the vehicle identified themselves as Sanjay Bharatbhai Thakor (residing at 28, Saraswati Nagar, Near Gayatrinagar, New Ranip) and Ganpatji Tinaji Thakor (residing at Uwarasad, Ranjipara). A subsequent search of their persons revealed 5,400 rupees in cash and two mobile phones.

Further scrutiny by the Local Crime Branch (LCB) unveiled the presence of approximately 400 liters of country liquor. In light of this discovery, the LCB took decisive action, arresting both individuals under the Prohibition Act. The total value of the seized assets, including the illicit liquor, amounted to Rs. 3.28 lakh.

The meticulous approach of the LCB, from the initial suspicion to the apprehension and subsequent calculation of the seized liquor, reflects the professionalism and dedication of law enforcement in addressing illicit activities. To formalize legal proceedings, a case has been filed in the Adalaj police station.

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