Live Match Betting Scandal Unfolds at Modi Stadium: Man with Master ID sitting in President’s Gallery Caught Red-Handed!

When the matches of IPL-2024 started, not only the players but also the spectators became active. During the match between Gujarat Titans and Sunrises Hyderabad at Ahmedabad’s Modi Stadium on March 31st, three individuals were caught betting inside the stadium. Among them, one accused was caught betting on live cricket while the other two were betting among themselves. Now, Zone Two LCB and Chandkheda Police have apprehended three individuals from within the stadium. Based on suspicions of involvement of other people in this entire racket, the police are conducting further investigations. On the other hand, investigations are underway to determine where the cricket betting wires are connected.

Master ID Found on Mobile Phone

According to available information, employees of the LCB in Ahmedabad were present inside the Narendra Modi Stadium. During this time, they noticed a person with a mobile phone placing bets on a live match using a master ID. Based on this information, the police approached the person and interrogated him. During the interrogation, he identified himself as Deepak Mohan. He had 12,000 rupees and a match ticket on him. Various IDs for betting were found on his mobile phone.

Police Catch 11 Users Betting

The police interrogated the person about the ID, and he revealed that it was given to him by Rajesh Maheshwari. During the match, 11 users were caught betting through this ID. The police have started the process of apprehending the mastermind behind providing IDs. The police have seized a total of 42,000 rupees from the person.

What is a Master ID

Whether it’s cricket or any other betting, credit is given to specific individuals everywhere. Based on this credit, they bet and play. Previously, betting was done verbally through bookies many times. But now, with the advent of technology, a special ID is provided in the application, and betting is done online. In cricket betting, now from five lakhs to up to 50 crores of IDs are being given. This is called a master ID. The person with this master ID is responsible for settling the bets, whether they win or lose.

Online Betting Possible Through Master ID

Now cricket betting is done through various applications and websites. In cricket betting, there is a master ID that is generated by the main bookie. The master ID is provided to other small bookies. Through these small bookies, users create IDs and passwords and bet on cricket betting websites online. All clients’ data is present in the master ID. With the deposit of betting, all types of access are with the master ID. Through the master ID, settlement of the bets takes place.

More Use of Master ID in Cricket Betting

The master ID is generated by the main bookie and is given to other small bookies. Then, small bookies provide the master ID to users. After that, users create IDs and passwords and bet through them. The master ID holds all the responsibilities that the bookie has. Now, the master ID is being increasingly used for online cricket betting.

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