16.65 Crore Charas Haul: Police Seize 30 Packets from Rupen Bandar, 32.53 kg Charas Found Unclaimed Near Dwarka Beach

In the expansive terrain of Devbhumi Dwarka, there have been extensive discussions lately revolving around the seizure of narcotics, including various drugs. During a recent incident, near Rupen Bandar and Varvala regions, situated close to Dwarka, a haul of 30 packets of charas was discovered under clandestine circumstances. 

The total weight of the seized substance amounted to 32.053 kilograms, with an estimated value of 16.65 crores. This entire matter is currently undergoing thorough investigation by the police, indicating the gravity of the situation.

Police Conducting Intensive Investigation in Rupen Bandar Region

Police Conducting Intensive Investigation in Rupen Bandar Region

In a flurry of activity in the Rupen Bandar area, crucial details have emerged regarding a comprehensive police investigation. According to reliable sources, near the Mithapur road leading to Dwarka, suspicions were raised about several packets found scattered across the expanses between Rupen Bandar and Varvala villages along the riverbanks. 

Acting on the tip-off provided by Sub-Inspector Hardik Prajapati, police personnel swiftly rushed to the scene during the night and successfully seized the packets found in the area.

SOG Police Conduct Operation

SOG Police Conduct Operation

In a significant operation, the Special Operations Group (SOG) police have made a breakthrough. According to available information, these packets contained a substance identified as charas, a potent narcotic. With an estimated market value of 16.65 crores in the international market, these drugs necessitated immediate action by the police. 

Not only did they seize these drugs worth millions of rupees, but they also took responsibility for combing and extensively checking the area during the night. The SOG police, entrusted with the responsibility, efficiently carried out the task of investigating the quality, value, and executing search operations related to these drugs. This entire incident underscores the meticulous efforts of the Dwarka police in tackling the drug menace.

Dwarka Police Station

Drug Epidemic Strikes Dwarka Even Two Months Ago

The recent revelation of a significant drug bust in the Dwarka region last night is not an isolated incident. Even two months ago, a substantial quantity of drugs was seized from the vicinity. The drugs seized during last night’s operation have raised numerous questions. There is widespread speculation about the extensive trafficking of drugs worth crores of rupees from the coastal areas near Dwarka. 

Large quantities of these drugs, visible in photographs taken by the police, indicate a considerable network involved in drug distribution. The discussions about this matter have gained momentum, indicating the seriousness with which authorities are approaching the issue.


Billions Worth of Drugs Smuggled to Dwarka from Overseas

The discovery of drugs worth millions reaching the shores of Dwarka raises questions about the event or festivity behind leaving behind drugs worth millions. People are also questioning the potential whereabouts of the other batches of drugs worth billions that are expected to arrive in Dwarka’s waters from overseas. 

Information about this has become a matter of concern for the public. Previously, drugs were smuggled from obscure countries, sailed across the seas, and then distributed from Dwarka’s ports to locations including Mumbai.

Immediate Action: SP Busts Major Drug Racket

The former Superintendent of Police, Sunil Joshi, had cracked down on a significant drug racket here, nabbing Nigerian individuals along with others involved in multi-million rupee drug-related cases. 

Despite this, the uninterrupted trafficking of drugs has continued, leading to recent busts and subsequent consequences related to the trade of charas and other substances.

Drug Trafficking Expands, Involving Diverse Commodities

Previously, the smuggling operations within local ports and pathways primarily dealt with goods like gold and electronics. However, with the increasing demand for drugs and the efforts of other forces to smuggle drug batches, the trade has become more pervasive.

Smuggling networks now see drug trafficking as a lucrative shortcut to earning money. Consequently, even the authorities have stepped up their scrutiny, with the district police launching extensive investigations into these unchecked drug syndicates.