Major Drug Seizure in Dwarka Coastal Area: SOG Intercepts 44.85 Lakh Worth Charas from Transparent Plastic Box

Once again, a haul of illicit drugs, this time worth Rs. 44.85 lakhs, has been intercepted by the police along the coastal belt of Dwarka. This recurrence underscores the persistent challenge of drug trafficking through the Arabian Sea route. 

Despite concerted efforts by law enforcement, suppliers and traffickers continue to attempt smuggling operations. In response, the Special Operations Group (SOG) police have initiated investigations to apprehend those responsible, emphasizing the ongoing battle against drug-related crimes in the region.

Police Intercept Transparent Plastic Box

Police Intercept Transparent Plastic Box

According to police sources, the Special Operations Group (SOG) of Devbhumi Dwarka district conducted a patrolling operation last night. During this operation, around 2:00 a.m., near a hotel close to the Shantinagar of Dwarka, adjacent to the coastal belt, the police seized a transparent plastic box. 

Upon inspection of the box, the police discovered substances suspected to be drugs concealed within it.

Dwarka Police Register FIR under NDPS Act

Police Seize 897 Grams of Charas

During an operation led by SOG’s in-charge, P.I. P.C. Singharkhia, and his team, the police confiscated 897 grams of charas concealed inside the transparent plastic box. The market value of this charas amounts to Rs. 44,85,000.

No suspects were apprehended at the scene. Initial investigations did not reveal any individual involved in procuring or trafficking the seized drugs. Following thorough scrutiny, the seized charas was disposed of either into the sea or in an uninhabited area along the coastal belt.

Dwarka Police

Dwarka Police Register FIR under NDPS Act

The Dwarka Police have filed a First Information Report (FIR) under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act against the individual involved in the recent seizure of approximately 897 grams of charas valued at around Rs. 45 lakh.

In connection with this case, P.I. P.C. Singharkhia, in charge of the SOG, has lodged a complaint under the NDPS Act. The entire case is under further investigation under the guidance of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Sagar Rathore of Dwarka, with supervision from P.I. T.C. Patel of Dwarka Police.

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