Mid-Day Meal Helper in Ahmedabad School Dies of Heart Attack Despite CPR Efforts

Woman Working in Mid-Day Meal Scheme Dies of Heart Attack in Ahmedabad’s Vivekanandnagar

A woman working in the mid-day meal scheme at Gujarati School No. 1 in Ahmedabad’s Vivekanandnagar died of a heart attack. While serving lunch, the woman suddenly collapsed, causing panic among students and school staff. Later, the 108 emergency response team was informed. The 108 staff provided CPR to the woman, but her breathing could not be restored.

Student Suddenly Experiences Discomfort in School

According to available information, the woman who suffered a heart attack while working in the mid-day meal scheme is 60 years old. She worked as a female helper in the Anganwadi at the Gujarati School in Vivekanandnagar. Today, around 10:30 AM, she suddenly felt discomfort when she was at the school. Subsequently, she suffered a heart attack, resulting in her demise.

26-Year-Old Youth Dies of Heart Attack While Dancing Garba in Surat

Yesterday, a 26-year-old youth who was dancing Garba in Surat suddenly collapsed. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where the doctors declared him dead. The family of the young man, who lost one son, is mourning. Samples have been sent for heart attack suspicion.

Raj, Who Was Going to London in December

Raj Dharmeshbhai Modi, a 26-year-old youth living with the Rajhans Apple Society in Palanpur village, was planning to go to London in December. He had one son and was unmarried. In Surat, he was working as a supervisor at a car showroom service station. In the upcoming month of December, he was going to London to study mechanical engineering.

Garba Celebration in Community Hall

Before going abroad to India and Surat, Raj wanted to celebrate Navratri with enthusiasm for the first time. He used to attend Garba classes. His parents were also happy to fulfill all his wishes. There was no disease in Raj’s body. Yesterday evening, after returning from work, Raj went to celebrate Garba in the community hall.

Raj Collapsed on a Chair

During Garba practice, after the first round, Raj sat on a chair, and in the second second, he suddenly collapsed, causing chaos in the hall. Raj was immediately taken to the hospital for immediate treatment, and the doctors declared him dead. After that, a post-mortem was conducted at the Civil Hospital.

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