Mother Commits Suicide After Trolling Over Baby’s Accident: Called Careless by Social Media Users

A harsh reality about the freedom to write anything on social media has come to light. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, a female IT professional tragically took her own life after being relentlessly trolled on social media.

The incident involved 33-year-old V. Ramya, who was breastfeeding her seven-month-old daughter on the balcony of her apartment on April 28th. During this time, the baby slipped from her hands and fell. Fortunately, the child landed on a shed on the first floor, preventing a more severe fall.

Nearby residents rescued the baby after a 15-minute effort. During the rescue, someone recorded a video showing people standing below the building with a sheet to catch the baby and prevent injury. This video went viral, leading to severe trolling of the mother on social media.

The image is taken from a viral video, in which several people were standing under a building holding sheets. So that the child can be saved from getting hurt.

The Impact of Social Media Criticism on a Mother’s Tragic Decision

Social media users labeled the mother as negligent. During the incident, a neighbor climbed onto the railing of the first-floor balcony to rescue the baby. This heroic act was captured on video and went viral on social media. Many users praised the neighbors who risked their lives to save the child.

However, the mother faced severe backlash, with many people blaming her for the incident. Local TV channels also labeled her as a careless mother. This criticism had a devastating effect on Ramya. Deeply distressed and overwhelmed by the trolling, Ramya fell into a severe depression, leading to her tragic decision to take her own life.

Social Media Trolls Push Mother into Depression

Following the incident, people, unaware of the full story, became outraged and trolled the mother on social media. Despite the efforts of those who rescued the baby to clear her name by stating it was merely an accident and affirming that she had been a good mother, the backlash continued. 

Overwhelmed by the relentless trolling, the mother went into deep depression. She left for her uncle’s house after the incident, but tragically, just 21 days later, she was found dead at her parents’ home.

Mother Commits Suicide After Facing Social Media Trolls

According to Coimbatore police, Ramya, along with her husband and two children (a 5-year-old son and a 7-month-old daughter), had come to her parental home in Coimbatore two weeks prior. On Sunday, while Ramya’s parents and husband were attending a wedding, she was found dead when they returned home.

Ramya and her husband Venkatesh, both IT professionals, worked in Chennai. Family members reported that Ramya had been deeply distressed following the accident involving her daughter and was undergoing mental health treatment. Despite the efforts to support her, the relentless social media trolling pushed her into severe depression, leading to this tragic outcome.

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