Convenient Multi-Level Parking & Skybridge Access at Ahmedabad Riverfront

Good news for visitors to Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad! The newly inaugurated multi-level parking, along with a convenient skybridge, ensures hassle-free access to Atal Bridge. Thanks to an investment of ₹60 crore by the Ahmedabad Riverfront Development Corporation, parking woes are a thing of the past. The multi-level parking was inaugurated today by Mayor Kirit Parmar, Deputy Mayor Geetaben Patel, Standing Committee Chairman Hitesh Barot, and other political leaders. This parking facility also includes a small skybridge for direct access to Atal Bridge. Starting from September 8th, citizens can make the most of this new parking facility.

Skywalk Inaugurated: I.K. Patel

I.K. Patel, the Executive Director of Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation, announced the completion of the multi-level parking facility at Sabarmati Riverfront. This facility accommodates 1000 two-wheelers and 700 four-wheelers, providing convenience for visitors to Atal Bridge and Sabarmati Event Center who can now access parking directly from the skywalk.

Direct Access to Atal Bridge, Flower Park, and Event Center

The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation has introduced a practical approach for vehicle parking. For two-wheelers, it costs ₹10 for up to two hours and ₹20 for four hours. For four-wheelers, the charges are ₹20 for up to two hours and ₹40 for four hours, while for longer durations, it’s ₹30 for two-wheelers and ₹50 for four-wheelers.

The specially constructed skywalk provides direct access to Atal Bridge, Flower Park, and the Event Center, ensuring that visitors to these locations do not face any parking hassles. This multi-level parking facility not only caters to the convenience of visitors but also contributes to traffic management along the road.

When a person enters the multi-level parking, they will receive a ticket with a QR code. These tickets can be scanned at a payment machine located within the parking area. By scanning the QR code, they will be able to pay for their parking and the machine will display the parking duration for their vehicle. For those who require parking for more than a few hours, the machine will also show the remaining balance, which can be retrieved by printing a receipt from the machine.

Provision for 6 Ambulance Parking Spaces

The Sabarmati Riverfront often hosts major events at the Event Center and Grounds, leading to significant parking challenges. To address this issue, a multi-level parking facility has been established on the riverfront. This facility can accommodate 1,700 vehicles, including both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Additionally, there is parking for 170 vehicles in the basement. SVP Hospital has its dedicated parking arrangement in the multi-level parking, with separate parking provisions for 700 four-wheelers and 1000 two-wheelers. The hospital staff and ambulance parking have been allocated a dedicated section in the basement, providing parking spaces for 6 ambulances.

CC TV on Every Floor from Entry to Exit

The Sabarmati Riverfront Multi-level parking has entrances on both sides, one facing the Atal Bridge gate in the west and the other towards V.S. Crematorium. Visitors can access the multi-level parking from both sides of the riverfront. LED screens display the availability of parking spaces on each floor at the entrance and near the building, facilitating convenient parking.

For ease of access, there are lifts available on each floor from the basement and ground floor to the 7th floor. To enhance security, CCTV cameras have been installed on every floor, from entry to exit, ensuring that any suspicious activity can be monitored effectively.

Electric Vehicle Charging Facility on Every Floor

On every floor, including the entry points, there is an automated electronic display system installed to indicate the availability of parking spaces. Each parking spot is equipped with an automatic sensor system that communicates with the display, providing real-time information about vacant parking spaces.

Furthermore, the Sabarmati Riverfront Multi-level parking also features an arrangement for electric vehicle charging on every floor. This means that electric vehicle owners can conveniently charge their vehicles while parked in the multi-level parking. The automated sensor system is installed at both entry and exit points of the multi-level parking, ensuring that visitors can easily identify available parking spaces as they enter or exit the facility.

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