Fatal Accident Near Vadodara on the Way to Babri Occasion: 1 Dead, Death Toll Expected to Rise

An accident occurred this morning near Sakarada village and Mokshi Road, close to Vadodara, involving a collision between an ice truck and cement-laden tankers. One person has been reported dead in the incident. The ice truck was carrying 25 or more passengers when the mishap occurred. Those injured have been rushed to nearby hospitals via 108 ambulances. The possibility of increasing fatalities in this accident exists.

Ice truck and tankers collided According to available information, around 50 family members were traveling in the ice truck during the accident near Sakarada and Mokshi villages. Amidst the collision between the ice and cement-laden tankers, one casualty has been reported. When more than 25 people were injured, all of them were rushed for treatment through 12 108 ambulances.

One person died and more than 25 others sustained minor to major injuries in the accident.

Following the accident near Sakarada and Mokshi villages, locals rushed to the scene to help the victims. Prompted by several injuries, 10 to 12 108 ambulances were dispatched to the accident site, ferrying the injured to nearby hospitals for immediate medical attention.

The police also rushed to the accident site to manage the situation. The aftermath of the accident caused a commotion in the area, with the families of the victims expressing distress. The accident site on the road was crowded with injured individuals, prompting locals to swiftly arrange for their transportation to hospitals. The police also took prompt action at the scene of the accident.

The construction of the ice truck and tankers led to a loud commotion this morning. The enthusiasm of the families headed to the accident site was palpable. On the accident site, injured individuals were lying on the road, covered in blood. However, the locals quickly arranged for the injured to be taken to the hospital. The police also rushed to the accident site to manage the situation. It cannot be denied that there is a possibility of increasing fatalities in this accident.

Arjunbhai, a relative of one of the victims, informed that they were all heading to Nataranagar from Adas due to a family event involving the boy’s grandmother. At that moment, as we were approaching the first turn of Bhadarva, our truck was hit directly on its head by a cement-filled tanker. In this accident, more than 25 of us have been injured. The tanker driver collided directly with us.

The name of the deceased person is:

  1. Kesarben Ranjitsinh Raj

The names of the injured individuals are:

  1. Trishnaben Narvatbhai Padhiyar
  2. Pravinbhai Prakashbhai Darbar
  3. Dilip Balvant Raj
  4. Mahendrabhai Bhagwan Raj
  5. Sajnaben Ranjitsinhbhai Raj
  6. Girishbhai Raj
  7. Janakaben Janaksinh Raj
  8. Janakaben Bhavsinghbhai Raj
  9. Maheshwari Mahendrabhai Raj
  10. Juyaben Pujabhai Bhoi
  11. Umedaben Rad Darbar
  12. Ramilaben Dilipbhai
  13. Mahibaben
  14. Kesarben Ranjitsinh Raj
  15. Krishnaben Jitendrabhai
  16. Hansaben Vanrajbhai Raj
  17. Madhuben Bhikhubhai Solanki
  18. Prithvi Raj
  19. Dasharath Raj
  20. Sejalben Mahendrabhai Raj
  21. Vaibhav Bhoy
  22. Sarojaben Manojbhai Mali
  23. Dinaben Narvatsinh Padhiyar
  24. Kajalben Balabhai Panesar
  25. Dharmishthaben Raj
  26. Champaben Bhoi

It’s notable that the names of three injured individuals are not listed.

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