Tragic Demise of a Young Man after Visiting Mount Abu with Friends: Remembering Babal Bad

Mount Abu Murder: Injured Youth Taken to Kholol Hospital by Friends, Declared Dead; Victim’s Grandfather Accuses Five Friends of Homicide at Mount Abu Police Station

Mount Abu: A youth who had gone to Mount Abu with friends from Kalol, Gandhinagar, was allegedly beaten to death by the same friends. After the assault, the injured youth was taken to Kalol Hospital by his companions. Doctors declared him dead there. The victim’s grandfather has accused the friends who accompanied him to Mount Abu and lodged a complaint at Mount Abu Police Station. The police are conducting an investigation based on his complaint. The full details about who committed the murder and for what reason are not yet clear. The police are investigating based on the complaint filed by the victim’s grandfather.

According to Police Officer Kishorsinh Bhatti, Bhikhhabhai Sen, a resident of Kalol, has filed a complaint stating that his grandson Bhavesh (23) had gone to Mount Abu with his friends Arvindbhai Hiraji Thakor, Harish Danjibhai, Harsh alias Hardik Solanki, Jayesh Bhai Solanki, and Shravan Bhai along with his brother Rasik. When Bhavesh did not return home by the evening of August 23rd, the family contacted him via phone, to which he mentioned that he was returning from Mount Abu and would arrive shortly. On the morning of August 24th, the police informed Bhikhhabhai about Bhavesh’s death and had placed the body at the Civil Hospital in Kalol for post-mortem. Bhikhhabhai, accompanied by other family members, had reached Kalol upon hearing this news.

When relatives gathered information from the police and others present, it was revealed that while returning from Mount Abu, a confrontation between some youths had occurred on the Mount Abu road due to alcohol intoxication. During the altercation, one friend from a group of five allegedly inflicted a stab wound on another, resulting in panic among all the youths. The injured youth was rushed to Kalol Civil Hospital. However, doctors declared him dead upon arrival, attributing the cause to the stabbing incident.

The doctors informed the police about this matter. Subsequently, the Gujarat Police arrived at the scene of the incident and took possession of the deceased body. They then escorted Bhikhhabhai and his family members from the hospital to Mount Abu. Upon reaching the police station, the case was registered, and an investigation was initiated based on the provided information. The police have detained the accused, four friends, for further investigation.

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