AMC New Traffic Rules: Municipal Cameras to Issue e-Memos for 11 Offences

The new system will track stolen vehicles by displaying them on the road, alerting traffic police immediately. Currently, only red light violations are recorded, and a tender has been issued to install new software by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

According to Jainul Ansari, traffic rule violations are being addressed with strict enforcement of e-challans through the new software. The software will generate e-memos for violations such as jumping red lights, not wearing helmets or seat belts, and entering BRTS lanes. The new software will be installed in cameras, and e-memos will be generated accordingly.

The current system is six years old, prompting the need for a new system. The new system, powered by new software, will also track stolen vehicles and alert police when such vehicles pass through a junction. Additionally, the new system will capture vehicles with fake number plates and collect data on the number of vehicles passing through a junction each day, which will help address traffic issues. After e-memos are generated, the system will capture photos of road obstructions, garbage dumps, and waterlogging, which will be sent to the department for action.

The traffic authorities will develop an e-challan application for their officers. If someone is caught drinking and driving, the vehicle’s photo or video will be uploaded to the application, generating an e-memo. Similarly, parking violations, including placing black films on vehicle windows, will also result in e-memos generated through the application.

Talking on the phone while driving or entering BRTS lanes will also trigger e-memos. Initially, the application will detect nine types of cases, including counting the number of vehicles passing through traffic junctions, failure to wear seat belts or helmets, mobile phone usage while driving, spitting in public, driving on BRTS lanes, carrying more than three passengers on a two-wheeler, driving on the wrong side of the road, and parking violations.

The following violations will result in memos:

  1. Running a red light.
  2. Driving on the wrong side.
  3. Not wearing a helmet.
  4. Not wearing a seatbelt.
  5. Using a mobile phone while driving.
  6. Counting the number of passengers in the vehicle.
  7. Carrying more passengers than allowed on a two-wheeler.
  8. Violating the restriction on heavy or passenger vehicles.
  9. Blocking the lane for a free left turn.
  10. Violating parking regulations.
  11. Detecting other vehicles in the BRTS lane.
  12. Drink and drive.
  13. Placing black film on vehicle windows.

In 2023, a total of 4.58 lakh e-challans were generated in Ahmedabad. The total amount of these e-challans amounted to 30.62 crore rupees. From these e-challans, revenue of 17.56 crore rupees was generated, leaving a balance of 13.06 crore rupees.

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