Beware of Joining Unknown Groups: Scammers Defraud Vadodara Youth of 90 Lakhs with Promise of 30% Crypto Currency Profits

Four individuals, tempted by the lure of 30% profit in cryptocurrency investment, have been cheated and collectively lost 90.81 lakh rupees to a scam in Vadodara. A complaint has been registered at the Vadodara Cyber Crime Police Station regarding this matter.

The complainant, a resident of Ajwa Road in Vadodara, stated that he has been working in a private company for the last four years. In April 2022, he came across an advertisement on social media about a cryptocurrency investment opportunity. He clicked on the advertisement and joined a Telegram group named COIN GROWTH LIMITED. Subsequently, he joined various other groups related to the stock market.

I had a conversation with the group admin regarding the investment opportunities shared within the group. Despite the desire to invest after seeing screenshots of investments made by other group members, I found that only the admin had the privilege to post messages in the group. Consequently, I was unable to initiate any conversation or express my interest in investing. Therefore, I had to communicate with the group admin, Anthony, to address this issue.

They tempted me with the lure of a 30% profit in cryptocurrency investment. Since I did not know about cryptocurrencies, they suggested that I download an application called Binance from the Google Play Store. Consequently, I downloaded the app, created a personal account as per their advice, and then initiated the verification process on Binance. They informed me that if I purchased on Binance and transferred the amount to the ID they provided, I would make a profit of 30%.

Four unknown individuals were reported to the cybercrime police station because they tempted me to start investing. Initially, I invested Rs. 44,000, but I was urged by the individuals to invest more. During this time, I communicated with various people via messages and emails. Eventually, I deposited Rs. 90.81 lakhs, but despite being tempted with a 30% profit, I have not received back my money, and now I am facing a financial loss. Consequently, I have filed a complaint against the four unknown individuals at the cybercrime police station.

Akash Shrivastav

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