PM Modi’s Statement on ED’s Action: Honest Individuals Shouldn’t Fear; My 100-Day Plan Ready, Preparations Underway for Third Term Before Elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated that his decisions are not meant to intimidate anyone. The construction of the Ram Mandir is a political weapon for the opposition. Now, what has happened… the construction of the Ram Mandir has been completed. Matters have slipped from their hands.

PM Modi made these remarks in an interview with news agency ANI. The interview was conducted on Monday outdoors. During the interview, he discussed various issues such as the Ram Mandir, the anti-CAA protests, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, electoral bonds, and India’s development roadmap, among others.

Question: You have often said in many speeches that your target is not 2024, but it is 2047, so what is to be done until 2047? Is this just a formality for the elections?

Modi: I feel that 2047 and 2024 should not be compared. They are two different things. When the country was celebrating 75 years of independence, I started discussing this matter with the people. I used to say that in 2047, the country will celebrate 100 years of independence. This will be a significant milestone. These are the kind of things that inspire new resolutions in individuals. I believe this is one such moment. We are now 75 years old and moving towards 100 years. How can we make the best use of these 25 years? Every organization should set its goal that I will do this much. I will do so.

The next one is 2024 – the order of elections has come. I believe that elections are a separate matter altogether. Elections should not be taken lightly in a democracy. This is a very big occasion. I believe it should be celebrated as an occasion. As events of play and sportsmanship unfold, so does the spirit of sportsmanship. When there is a field of play, there is an environment of emotions between players, spectators, and sportsmen.

Question: Your term “Modi guarantee” is becoming very popular. People say that the candidate is not important, but only Modi’s vote counts. This definition is important during elections.

Modi: In elections, not only the candidate, but every voter is important. Booth-level workers are also essential. The candidate is also equally important. It would be wrong to say that someone’s importance is not there, otherwise such a big election would not have happened. Wherever there is a question of guarantee, there must be commitment to words, it should be like a moving vehicle. You can say anything.

These days, a leader’s video is circulating in the market, his statement is contradictory with others. People say after seeing this that this person would have made us very foolish, he would have thrown dust in our eyes, recently, a leader said that he will eradicate poverty in one go. Now, when they get power for 5-6 days, they say they will eradicate poverty in one go, then the country wonders what they are saying. Questions are being raised on political leadership.

Question: The Ram temple issue was not supposed to take on political colors, but it did. During the elections, both the BJP and the opposition are accusing each other on this issue. Congress calls BJP sinful. BJP says they were not invited, so they are the sinners. How do you see this?

Modi: Who started politics? When our party was not even born, these matters could have been taken to court. There are many issues that could have been resolved at the time of division, whether to decide or not to decide. This vote was a weapon of two sides, so it had to be kept and exploited. This matter was in court, but no decision came even then, efforts were being made for this reason.

Everything had to go through the judicial process, but even in this obstacles arose. They used to say that the Ram temple is being built, they will destroy you. Now that the Ram temple has been built, the issues have slipped from their hands. Now they cannot scare anyone that the Ram temple will come, because the temple has come. The fire was not there.

Question: When the ED and CBI take action, many questions arise that these institutions work under government pressure?

Modi: These laws have been made long ago. We didn’t create them. It’s these people who have made them. A person of integrity has nothing to fear, the opposition is just looking for excuses to escape defeat. This means that the ED is doing its job properly. The ED has recovered 2200 crore rupees in 10 years.

Question: Many complaints have been made against the Sanatan in Tamil Nadu?

Modi: Congress should be questioned. What is your compulsion? Why are you sitting with such people who create so much hatred against Sanatan? From this hatred, the DMK is born. I cannot imagine the intense anger towards the DMK. This anger is positively turning towards the BJP.

Question: The Ram Mandir issue was not supposed to be politicized, but it happened. What do you say about this?

Modi: It was a political weapon for them (the opposition). Now what happened… the construction of the Ram Mandir has happened. The matter has slipped from their hands.

Question: What steps were taken to prevent enmity between Russia and Ukraine?

Modi: I have friendly relations with both the Presidents. I have said that many people in India and the youth are influenced.

Question: Elon Musk is coming to India, he has said that he is your fan. Will we see Starlink and Tesla in India?

Modi: Musk is a fan of Modi, they are in their place. In reality, they are fans of India.

Question: Earlier it used to be said that Indira is India, India is Indira. Now it is said that Modi is India, India is Modi. Have you reached this level?

Modi: Let the country like it, and whatever experience I have, I am the son of Mother India.

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