Narendra Modi to Inaugurate Atal Sarovar: AIIMS & Junagadh Hospital in Rajkot, Urgent Orders for Remaining Work!

The inauguration ceremony for the buildings of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Zanana Hospitals by the Prime Minister on February 25 in Rajkot has been confirmed. The event was anticipated to include the inauguration of the Atal Sarovar and the Smart City. However, discussions were halted as the Chairman of the Standing Committee, Jaymin Thakar, called for a complete halt on all deliberations. 

It was indicated that a rude opportunity might have been missed. Nevertheless, with a decisive move by PM Modi, the inauguration of Atal Sarovar and the Smart City is set to proceed. Keeping in mind the vision of what India should be by 2047, the development of the Smart City and Atal Sarovar will undoubtedly bring joy to the people.

Directive to Complete Pending 10% of Work

As per Jaymin Thakar’s announcement, a mechanism has been put in place to expedite the completion of the remaining 10% of work on projects. To ensure prompt completion, Mr. Commissioner Anand Patel has allocated tasks to 33 engineers, including two Deputy City Engineers and two Assistant City Engineers. 

This move aims to swiftly finalize the pending tasks, thereby fortifying infrastructure robustness and facilitating the inauguration of Atal Sarovar on February 25, 2024, by the Prime Minister. Consequently, officials have been instructed to prioritize pending work by assigning additional resources for immediate completion.

10 percent of the work still remains.

“No Water Shortage at Atal Sarovar,” States Official

Regarding concerns about water availability at Atal Sarovar, it has been clarified that such claims hold no factual basis. Special arrangements for water supply have been made for the Smart City, including provisions to channel water to Atal Sarovar. There is no shortage of any kind. Atal Sarovar boasts a capacity of 477 MLD (Million Liters per Day), and it has been replenished according to the requirements of the Smart City. 

Additionally, a new infrastructure, including 200-foot roads found commonly overseas, has been established within the Smart City. Features such as a cricket stadium are being developed to serve as focal points of attraction. Furthermore, post-inauguration, efforts will be accelerated to swiftly complete remaining minor and major tasks, ensuring comprehensive development.

Appointment of Blockwise Officials

It is noteworthy that separate tasks and the appointment of blockwise officials are underway for the inauguration of this project. The responsibility to complete the robust infrastructure project lies with City Engineer P.D. Adhiya, Incharge City Engineer K. Mehta, and Assistant City Engineer J.D. Kukadiya. Besides, apart from appointing 16 other officers from Block No. 1 to 14, 16 more officials have been appointed in various capacities for this project. 

The completion of the Atal Sarovar project has been entrusted to City Engineer Alpna Mitra, and for gardening purposes, R.K. Hirpara has been appointed. Additionally, engineers have been tasked with responsibilities for other works, including ensuring cleanliness in the solid waste department, waste disposal from construction work, and removal of debris, among others, within the Smart City.

Jaymin Thacker, Chairman, Standing Committee.

Company Assigns Work to Peta Agency

Currently, there are no facilities such as amusement park rides, party plots, mazes, parking, or approach roads. Work is underway, including the provision of water to Atal Sarovar, which has incurred costs amounting to Rs. 136 crores. Additionally, a robust infrastructure project worth Rs. 550 crores has been initiated. 

There are no facilities of park rides, bhul bhuliya, parking, approach road.

This project includes pending tasks such as roads, various utility services, and plantation work. The company has delegated this work to the Peta agency. This is a crucial component of the Smart City, and despite some remaining tasks, it will continue to operate seamlessly even after its inauguration.

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