Protests Erupt over UGC NET and NEET Exams: ABVP Workers Assaulted by Police in Ahmedabad, NTA’s Effigy Burned in Surat with Calls for Ramdhun

Yesterday, there was widespread opposition across the country against the UGC NET and NEET exams, following protests by NSUI and Congress over alleged paper leaks. Today, ABVP has organized protests in Ahmedabad, Surat, and other major cities. 

Earlier, ABVP protested against the exams outside Gujarat University, where police initially detained demonstrators. In Surat, ABVP members also gathered outside university gates in large numbers, criticizing the government and urging politicians to show wisdom, while NTA faced severe criticism for mishandling its responsibilities and protestors chanted Ramdhun.

Police Detain ABVP Workers, Protest Erupts Outside Gujarat University in Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat University saw a gathering of ABVP workers in large numbers today, holding banners and chanting slogans against NTA (National Testing Agency). As soon as the protest began, local police intervened and detained several ABVP activists, some of whom were physically restrained. 

Despite police actions, the agitation continued, leading to further tensions. The detained individuals were taken to the police station while outside the university, police arrangements were heightened to maintain order.

Police Detain ABVP Workers, Protest Erupts Outside Gujarat University in Ahmedabad

CBI Should Investigate Transparently: Meeth Bhavsar, ABVP Leader

ABVP leader Meeth Bhavsar has expressed disappointment over the administration of exams by NTA, stating failures in conducting exams for MBBS studies through NEET and NAT for teacher recruitment. 

He demands a transparent investigation by the CBI to expose the education mafia involved in leaking papers under the new laws.

ABVP Protest

Officials Should Be Held Accountable: Manoj Jain

Manoj Jain, co-media coordinator of ABVP Surat, has stated that students across the country are facing injustices. Students trust the government and work hard to build their careers by taking exams, but such irregularities are unacceptable. We demand strict action against NTA officials and department-linked ministers to ensure justice for students.

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