7 Punjabis Expose: Agent Stranded on Russian Highway, Handed to Army; Alleges Forced Paper Signatures for War Training

Recent reports suggest that Russian authorities have allegedly resorted to coercive tactics to recruit Indian individuals into their military forces. Subsequently, these recruits are purportedly being trained for combat against Ukraine. The claims have surfaced after seven residents of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, shared a video detailing their recruitment ordeal.

Indian Nationals Trapped in Russia: Appeal Made to Bring Them Back Amidst Rising Tensions

According to reports by NDTV, Indian nationals stranded in Russia have appealed to Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar for assistance in returning to India. They express concern over the possibility of being deployed to fight in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

It’s noteworthy that previously, several Indians were lured to work as helpers or in other jobs in Russian companies, only to be forcibly recruited into Wagner Group, a private military company associated with the Russian military. Many such incidents have come to light, including the case of Surat-based Hamil Mangekia, a security helper who lost his life in a drone attack in Ukraine amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Viral Video Reveals Allegations of Forced Recruitment and Military Training for Indians in Russia

Agent Left Stranded on Russian Highway, Handed Over to Army by Police:

A 105-second viral video has surfaced, featuring seven individuals confined in a suspicious room. Gagandeep Singh, identified in the video, claims to be involved in a larger conspiracy. He states that he arrived in Russia for a job opportunity but was coerced into accompanying an agent to Belarus. Subsequently, the agent demanded money from each person for a visa, and upon non-compliance, left the Indians stranded on a highway. The police apprehended them, and the agent was reportedly handed over to the Russian army.

The 105 second video is going viral. In which 7 people from Punjab are appealing to the Indian government to save them.

Indians Forced to Undergo Military Training by Russian Army:

The video further alleges that the Russian army threatened individuals with a ten-year prison sentence if they did not sign work contracts. Following the coercive tactics, all individuals were subjected to military training. Gagandeep Singh, expressing his reluctance to use firearms, highlights the ominous possibility of being deployed to fight in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The video suggests that many Indians have been forcibly involved in military activities amidst rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Allegations of Indian Recruitment by Russia for Ukraine Conflict Spark Concern

According to a report from The Times of India on February 22, it has been alleged that four Indians were coerced into fighting alongside Russian soldiers on the Russia-Ukraine border. Among them, one individual hails from Telangana, while three are from Karnataka. The exact circumstances surrounding their recruitment remain unclear.

The report suggests that these Indians were initially employed as helpers by Russian companies. Subsequently, they were recruited into Wagner Group, a private military company associated with the Russian army, and sent to the battlefield. It has been revealed that some agents recruited Indians in December 2023, promising them jobs, only to conscript them into service in Russia. Currently, these Indians are seeking assistance to return home.

This picture is from the Russia-Ukraine war. In the report, the pictures of 4 Indians who joined the army have been reviewed. That is, their identity is not disclosed, so we are also not displaying them here.

Report: 60 More Indians Recruited, Allegedly Forced into Wagner Army

According to recent reports, an additional 60 Indians have been coerced into service and recruited into the Wagner Army. It’s been alleged that these individuals were also subjected to recruitment tactics similar to the previously mentioned cases. A person from Maharashtra facilitated their recruitment by having them sign agreements written in Russian. Allegedly, these agreements were for the purpose of employment as helpers.

Report: Chief of Wagner Army Dies in Plane Crash

In June 2023, the Wagner Army made an attempt to bolster its forces in Russia. However, on August 23, just two months later, the chief of Wagner was onboard a plane that crashed. According to Russia’s Ministry of Aviation, the passenger list included the name of the project and the plane belonged to them. Russia also confirmed the deaths of all passengers. The crash resulted in the deaths of 10 individuals.

The aircraft was en route from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. Among the passengers was Dmitry Utkin, co-founder of the private army and former commander of the Russian Special Forces. Several other officials of Wagner were also on the plane.

According to the European Union and the US Treasury Department, the project had filled its coffers as a company on the Wagner private army. However, the project had refused any connection with Wagner’s army for many years.

Understanding the Wagner Army

The Wagner Group is a private military organization. Before 2014, it operated covertly, largely active in Ukraine, Africa, and the Middle East. It consists mainly of retired Russian elite regiments and special forces. The group comprises over 50,000 soldiers.

Its inception traces back to a former Russian army officer, Dmitry Utkin. He named the group after his radio call sign during his military service. Wagner Group’s first mission in 2014 involved assisting Russia in Crimea.

Surat’s Hamil Mangekia Dies in Drone Attack in Ukraine

On February 25, 2024, news emerged that Hamil Mangekia, a youth from Surat, lost his life in a drone attack in Ukraine amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Hamil reportedly died on February 21 in the drone strike, although his death had not been officially confirmed. According to Hamil’s father Ashwinbhai, he spoke with Dainik Bhaskar on February 25, stating that yes, Hamil indeed passed away on February 21 due to a drone attack.

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