Tragic Dengue Death at R.K. University: Neglected Treatment as Platelets Drop to 15000

Due to dengue, a student studying at R.K. University in Rajkot has passed away. This was preceded by protests by college students against the dengue outbreak. The student, named Rup Kumar, approximately 24 years old, passed away on Thursday evening while studying at R.K. University. He was admitted to a private hospital on Tuesday. Hospital sources indicated that the student was admitted late, and recovery was not possible.

Student Death Due to Dengue

According to college students, the deceased had been ill for several days but was forced to attend college due to attendance and examinations. He was extremely ill, and his platelet count had dropped to 15,000, which should typically be around two lakhs for an average person. Moreover, a reign of dengue was also prevailing in the college. The issue came to light after the student’s death, prompting the college administration to become vigilant and carry out thorough cleaning.

The College Administration Becomes Vigilant After the Student’s Death

Congress spokesperson Rohit Singh Rajput also raised several questions about this incident, claiming that several students who were studying at R.K. University had reported the presence of dengue. He pointed out that many students have complained of a rise in dengue within the college. He also mentioned that the student had been reported sick and suffering from dengue in the college. Now, following the death of a student at R.K. University due to dengue, the main responsible factor is negligence of authorities. Friends and classmates of the deceased had complained to me that there is a lot of dengue in the hostel, and therefore, the mosquito menace has increased significantly. In addition, it’s not suitable to stay in the hostel where many students are falling ill.

The Management Fails to Provide Medical Leave

Furthermore, it was disclosed that when students are unwell and unable to attend, they are not given medical leave despite the university management being aware of their poor attendance. So, who should be held responsible after the student’s death? The parents of the children are thousands of kilometers away from their study at the university. They are worried about their children’s future and are constantly distressed. At such a time, it is advisable to inform the parents after the primary care and then perform suitable arrangements for their parents to look after the sick student.

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