Rahul Gandhi’s Final Move: Nominating from Amethi Tomorrow; Congress District President’s Major Assertion

In a significant development, it has been almost confirmed that Rahul Gandhi will contest elections from Amethi. Upon her arrival in Amethi on Thursday, Kishori Lal Sharma, representing Sonia Gandhi, stated, “Only a member of the Gandhi family will contest the election.”

When asked who Rahul will compete against, he replied that all preparations are for him alone, not for any other individual. Party workers desire that a member of the Gandhi family contests from Amethi.

Meanwhile, the lawyer tasked with monitoring the nominations of the Gandhi family, Keshi Kaushik, first arrived in Rae Bareli and then proceeded to Amethi. Such circumstances suggest that Priyanka Gandhi may also contest the election.

Vikas Agrahari, the co-coordinator of the UP Congress social media cell, also posted a poster of Rahul’s nomination on social media on the night of Wednesday, May 3rd.

Vikas Agrahari

Last Date for Nominations in Amethi-Raebareli Constituency

The final date for nominations in the Amethi-Raebareli constituency is set for Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock. This means there are just a few hours left today and tomorrow for the nominations. 

However, the parties remain silent. So far, there have been no announcements or declarations.

AAP District President States: Rahul Gandhi Will File Nomination Tomorrow

Harishankar Jayaswal, the district president of AAP in Amethi, has declared that Rahul Gandhi will file his nomination tomorrow. 

He emphasized that all allies of the United Front will be involved in this endeavor.

Congress Spokesperson Affirms: Preparations Complete, Rahul Gandhi Will Contest

Anil Singh, spokesperson for Congress in Amethi, stated, “Rahul Gandhi will contest the election. Preparations have been completed. Rahul’s historic victory awaits.” A large number of leaders and workers have gathered at the Congress office in Amethi. Lawyers of the Gandhi family, Keshi Kaushik from Raebareli, and Sonia Gandhi‘s representative Kishori Lal Sharma are also present.

Congress leader from Amethi, Deepak Singh, commented, “All preparations have been made, and the Congress party will file the nomination tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock.” People from Amethi are demanding either Rahul or Priyanka Gandhi as their candidate. We believe that Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi’s candidacy will be announced today.

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