18-Year Illicit Medical Practice in Raipur Village, Vadodara: Bogus 12th Pass Doctor Apprehended, ₹32K Seized

The Vadodara district health department has recently come under scrutiny due to its perceived lack of oversight, leading to the prevalence of unqualified individuals practicing medicine in the district. The revelation of a fake doctor operating in Raipur village, near the city, without any medical credentials has ignited concerns about the health and safety of the local population.

The individual in question, who had only completed their education up to Class 12 in the science stream, managed to evade detection and conducted medical practice for an astonishing 18-year period. Shockingly, the district health department remained oblivious to this fraudulent activity.

Prompt action was taken by the local Taluka police, resulting in the apprehension of the counterfeit doctor. In the process, authorities confiscated a substantial sum of money collected from unsuspecting patients as fees, as well as pharmaceuticals valued at Rs 32 thousand.

Police Sub-Inspector (P.S.I.) of the Taluka Police Station, J. U. Gohil, recently undertook a successful operation leading to the confiscation of valuable assets. As a part of this operation, an individual identified as Asim Kumar Bimalkumar Sankhari, who had relocated to Vadodara from Boykola village in North Twenty-four Parganas, West Bengal, was apprehended for practicing as a doctor without possessing the necessary medical qualifications. His fraudulent activities were primarily centered in Khobla Jewda village, akin to Raipura.

In the course of the operation, law enforcement authorities discovered a sum of Rs 1,680 collected by the counterfeit doctor from patients at his clinic, ostensibly as consultation fees. Furthermore, the police also uncovered an assortment of pharmaceuticals, including medicines and injections, in his possession. In total, assets worth Rs 32,627.50 were seized by the authorities.

Police Sub-Inspector (P.S.I.) J.U. Gohil, who led the operation, diligently verified the authenticity of the certificate in question. As per his findings, it has been established that Asimkumar Sankhari, aged approximately 48 years, had resided in Raipur village for the past 18 years. During this period, he operated a clinic within the village, where he purportedly provided medical treatment to patients.

However, it has come to light that Asimkumar Sankhari, despite lacking the necessary medical qualifications, had been actively involved in providing healthcare services for nearly two decades. This fraudulent activity has raised serious concerns about the well-being and health of the individuals he attended to.

In response to this grave situation, legal action has been initiated against Asimkumar Sankhari under the Medical Practice Act, and he has been formally booked for his actions. In addition to law enforcement, the Taluka Medical Officer was summoned to assist in the verification of Asimkumar Sankhari’s medical credentials during the investigative procedure.

District Health Officer, Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, has taken note of the situation and intends to ensure that the necessary actions are taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Dr. Chauhan has expressed her concern over the fact that the certificate of an individual who had been practicing medicine in Raipura village for a substantial 18-year period had not been subjected to verification.

To rectify this oversight, Dr. Chauhan has announced her intention to issue a notice to the concerned medical officer responsible for overseeing the verification of medical certificates. She acknowledges the importance of periodically verifying the credentials of doctors practicing in rural areas to maintain the highest standards of healthcare.

Following the apprehension of the bogus doctor in Raipura village, Dr. Chauhan has pledged to initiate a comprehensive review of the certificates of all doctors practicing in the villages within the district. This proactive measure is intended to ensure that all medical practitioners possess the necessary qualifications and adhere to the prescribed standards of medical practice.

Further investigations into this incident are being conducted under the guidance and supervision of PSI J.U. Gohil and ASI Jaideep Singh. Their efforts are aimed at uncovering the full extent of the issue and taking appropriate actions to address it comprehensively.

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