Royal Family Mourns Like Lavish Wedding: 100 Songs Gift, and 5,000 Elders’ Pilgrimage to Ayodhya

In the village of Bhavangadh in the Idar taluka of Sabarkantha, a distinctive farewell was organized for the Royal family as they bid adieu to Mobhin, who passed away in Melbourne, Australia, on December 18th at the age of 70. The celebration included showcasing photographs from the creative father’s collection, known for his passion for photography. Additionally, a vibrant and colorful mandap was set up in both houses, where guests were treated to a delicious meal, including sweets.

Continuing a Joyful Life in Basanu, Just Like His Father

After leading a joyful life, even beyond death, son, Sathyajitsinh Kumpavat, ensured that the celebration in Basanu was in keeping with the vibrant spirit of his father. The collection of photographs displayed in Basanu reflected his passion for photography from childhood. The unique celebrations in Basanu, including a colorful mandap and a delicious feast for the guests, captured the essence of Royal life.

Delicious Feast and Colorful Mandap for Guests

In Idar’s Bhavangadh, the scenes of any wedding celebration, such as vibrant mandaps and colorful decorations, were witnessed due to a unique wedding-like celebration. The guests in both Basanu homes were treated to a delectable feast, making the event a memorable one. The festivities in both Basanu homes were attended by not only family members but also socialites and political leaders who offered their heartfelt condolences.

Donation of 100 Cows and a Pilgrimage for 5,000 Elders to Ayodhya

Rajvee’s son, Sathyajitsinh Kumpavat, announced that the family has made two significant decisions. Firstly, after January 22, the Pran Pratishtha of Lord Shri Ram will take place in Ayodhya. Following this, the family will take responsibility for the travel expenses of 5,000 elders from the society and other communities to visit Ayodhya. Secondly, recognizing the importance of the cow donation in Hindu culture, the family has decided to donate 100 cows to 100 needy families.

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