New York News: 11-day ‘San Gennaro Festival’ preparations begin in New York’s Little Italy.

In Little Italy, Manhattan (NYC), the ‘Festa of San Gennaro’ is about to begin, celebrating a mosaic of Italian art, culture, music, fashion, history, food, and more. Join Italian-Americans in a splendid 11-day celebration with live music, revelry, and festivities!

The 97th Feast of San Gennaro returns to Little Italy on Thursday, September 14th, and the celebration continues until Sunday, September 24th. This 11-day festival honoring Italian culture will take place on Mulberry Street and feature traditional food vendors, circus acts, and parades. Additionally, there will be daily live music shows in New York’s Little Italy. This year, Italian-American actress Catherine Narducci will serve as the Grand Marshal of the festivities.

Every year, the traditional San Gennaro Festival celebrates the memory of Saint Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples. It traces its origins back to the early 20th century when Italian immigrants settled in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, particularly around Mulberry Street. Starting in 1926, Neapolitans have been honoring their patron saint with an annual block party that kicks off the festivities. Since then, the San Gennaro Festival has become a yearly tradition celebrated by the Italian community in New York City, lasting for several days.

The San Gennaro celebration, known as the San Gennaro Festival, which first took place in 1926, is a festival dedicated to Saint Gennaro and is celebrated by Neapolitans and Italian-Americans. It is a tribute to Saint Januarius, the patron saint of Naples and Little Italy, New York. This festival is observed on September 19th according to the Catholic Church calendar.

Little Italy will be buzzing with celebration as the “Festa of San Gennaro” is a highlight not only for New York’s Little Italy but also for the entire United States. It features the unique tradition of carrying the statue of Saint Polycarp through the streets, stretching the street fair across blocks, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

You’ll experience glimpses of Italian culture during this celebration. In September 1926, this festival was first held in the United States when Neapolitan immigrants gathered in Manhattan’s Little Italy, specifically on Mulberry Street. They came together to continue the tradition of honoring Saint Januarius, as they did in their homeland of Italy.

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