Boss Assaulted by Husband After Wife’s Movie Outing: Shocking Scene

In the multiplexes of Gotri Extension, Vadodara, a husband confronted his wife who had gone to watch a movie with her boss. Amidst a heated argument, the husband even assaulted her, and upon encountering them, four bystanders also engaged in a scuffle, resulting in the boss being beaten as well. The entire incident has been captured on video, depicting the scene where the husband physically assaults his wife and slaps her, leading the wife to file a complaint along with the four bystanders at the Gotri police station. The Gotri police have registered the complaint and initiated further investigation by noting down the details of the incident.

Turmoil within the Family

A woman, formerly Vandana (name changed), from Nadiad, lodged a complaint at the Gotri Police Station, stating that her husband had been abusive towards her. She narrated that she works as an accountant in a private company and got married to Pankaj (name changed) from her own community in 2019. They have a 4-year-old son together. She mentioned instances where her husband would discourage her from working, leading to arguments and occasional physical altercations.

Seeking Refuge at Father’s Home

Vandana expressed in her complaint that due to her husband’s abusive behavior, she had been renting a house for herself and her son since December 2023. During this time, her husband demanded more money from her and even resorted to violence. Feeling unsafe, she handed over their son to him 23 days ago and has been staying at her father’s house in Nadiad ever since.

A Trip to the Movies with Father-in-law

On April 25th, in the morning at 11 o’clock, I boarded a train from my father-in-law’s house, and upon arrival in Vadodara, where I work, his acquaintances picked me up in a two-wheeler from the railway station and took me to Gotri ESIC Hospital at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Both my father-in-law and his acquaintances were present at Bansal Mall, where we went to watch a movie.

Assault by Husband

After watching the movie, we were leaving the mall around 3:30 PM. At that time, two people approached us outside the mall. At the same time, my husband, Pankaj, arrived on a bike and, upon meeting them, got into a scuffle, assaulting my companion verbally. One of the individuals who accompanied Pankaj also verbally abused me.

Husband’s Assault

At this point, my husband, Pankaj, unexpectedly assaulted me verbally and physically. At the same time, the people accompanying Pankaj also assaulted me physically and verbally. I was told that I had escaped today, but if it happens again, I will be killed. Subsequently, Pankaj called the police. Hence, all of us gathered and went to the police station to file a complaint against my husband, Pankaj, and his three companions.

Husband Keeping Watch Outside the Multiplex

The wife, employed in a private company, went to watch a movie with her boss at a multiplex in Gotri Extension, Vadodara. As her husband suspected something amiss, he kept watch outside the multiplex. As soon as the wife and her boss emerged from the multiplex after watching the movie, the husband immediately confronted and assaulted both the wife and her boss.

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