Shocking Attack: American Trans Woman Hit Person By Car, Kisses Corpse, Stabs 9 Times!

A trans woman was accused of killing a 64-year-old individual in Houston. The suspect initially shoved the person with their car and then attacked them with a knife multiple times. This wasn’t the first time the trans woman had harassed a man’s body. The entire incident was captured on CCTV.

Viral Video and Arrest

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media. According to the New York Post, the incident occurred three months ago. The video has now surfaced, identifying the suspect as Karen Fisher (20 years old). Initially identified as male in court records, the police later recognized her as a woman.

Fatal Hit-and-Run

64-year-old Steven Anderson was walking along the road when he was hit by a white car. While the trans woman was reversing the car, she struck Steven again, leading to his death.

Escaping and Repeated Attacks

The trans woman fled the scene but returned shortly after and stabbed Steven’s body multiple times. She has been arrested by the police.

Attempted Escape and Prostitution Charges

According to the New York Post, bystanders at the scene informed the police about the incident. When the police arrived, the suspect attempted to flee towards her car. As the car door wouldn’t open, she tried to run but was apprehended by the police.

Previous Charges and Prostitution Allegations

According to police records, there had been previous attempts to arrest Karen Fisher in 2023. She had also been a fugitive before. In addition to that, in 2021, she was accused of prostitution but the charges were later dropped. Amidst all this, Karen will be arraigned in court for Steven’s murder case on May 24th.

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